HR Delivery

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director provides overall leadership and direction for the Human Resources portfolio in its provision of professional human resources services across the University.  The Office of the Director is responsible for the management, coordination and implementation of core and strategic HR services and relevant projects aligned to the ACU Strategic Plan.  The Employment Relations team is located within the Office of the Director.

Employment Relations 

This team provides high-level expert knowledge and policy advice on employment relations matters, including policy development, complex case management, education and awareness on people management practice and employment legislation and case law, enterprise bargaining and union-management relationships about workplace matters.  

A new service is the provision of Employment Relations – Staff Service to support identification of the most relevant employment process and early intervention and resolution of matters.

Workforce Strategy

This unit provides for the development and implementation of the Workforce Framework, aligned to the ACU Strategic Plan and prioritised in the Human Resources Organisational Unit Plan. The unit provides support for major organisational change initiatives and includes a group of Human Resources Relationship Managers who work to implement strategies across the business in partnership with key ACU stakeholders.  The unit also includes specialist roles for Indigenous Employment and HR Communications.

Human Resources Relationship Managers

Human Resources Relationship Managers are a key partner with all Executives across the University. They assist the implementation of Workforce Strategy to the University and play a significant change agent role to bridge Workforce Strategy with implementation at the line.  Human Resources Relationship Managers seek to understand each University’s business unit needs and issues and to develop integrated workforce strategies that assist business units to achieve their objectives aligned to the organisation's objectives.

Workforce Operations

The Workforce Operations Unit is the entry point for all staff and supervisor question and issues,  deals with end-to-end and integrated standardised processes and also manages the employee record relied upon for payroll outcomes and reporting. The work of Workforce Operations is to ensure the day-to-day core work of Human Resources is delivered effectively and efficiently to service standards. 

Workforce Operations unit is comprised of:

  • HR Service and Support
  • Recruitment Services
  • Capabilities and Development
  • Work Health and Safety

Human Resources Service and Support

Human Resources Service and Support includes two teams: HR Advisory Service, and, HR Support (Employee Records and HR Initiated Services).  Specialised advisory service for Superannuation and Salary Packaging also form part of the Unit.

The HR Advisory Service team is the entry point for almost all staff and supervisor queries and issues including advice on general HR matters, payroll questions and staff benefits. The HR Advisory Service provides a consistent first-level service and conveys information about the ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement, ACU Policy and Procedures and provides advice on application and process.   You can contact HR Advisory on extension 4222 or

The  HR Support (Employee Records and HR Initiated Services) team manage the individual employee records relied upon for payroll outcomes and reporting.  

Recruitment Services

The Recruitment Services team provides end-to-end recruitment services, from identification of a prospective employment incident to the staff member’s commencement and on-boarding. This service also offers support for international recruitment, immigration and relocation. 

Work Health and Safety

The Work Health and Safety team oversees workplace health and safety policies and practices at ACU.  This unit liaises with stakeholders across the University to identify and manage safety risks, monitor and respond to incident reports, and to ensure that ACU is safe and healthy environment for staff, students and visitors.

Capabilities & Development

The Capabilities and Development team assists organisational progress by embedding capability-building that aligns staff growth and development to the University’s strategic direction and future needs.   The team develops and implements the Staff Induction program and operationalises the Capability Development Framework including a comprehensive range of development programs to support professional, personal and career development.

Workforce Systems

The Workforce Systems unit focuses on the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of Human Resources business systems that supports the University, its staff and people management practice and process. The Unit is also responsible for managing the delivery of services across a range or employment and payment related matters including, payroll, deduction remittance and all associated regulatory reporting.  Workforce Systems also has the critical role of managing the integration of HR systems with other ACU systems.

Workforce Systems unit is comprised of:

  • Payroll Management and Accounting
  • Workforce Systems Administration
  • Business Processes Improvements (BPI) and Projects

Workforce Systems Administration

The Workforce Systems Administration team support the user experience of Human Resources business systems and develops education packaged for system users. The team is involved in system administration, creating reporting layers and produces workforce data and analysis to meet organisational  reporting needs.

Payroll Management and Accounting

This team provides payroll management and accounting services across a range of employment and payment related matters including, payroll, deduction remittance and all associated regulatory reporting.  The team has responsibility for the creation of all payment outcomes, including extraction, review, validation and preparation of data from other systems including sessional and casual employment administration, timesheet and other related salary payments, salary deductions, scholarship and stipend for accurate and timely payments.

Business Processes Improvements (BPI) and Projects

As part of the University’s commitment to continual improvement, this unit works to identify and implement process improvements that lead to efficiencies and to HR service quality enhancements.