Can I show commercial DVDs/videos or play CDs in class?

The audience is limited to students and teaching staff who are taking part in the unit.

For music CDs:
Yes provided:

  • copy/ies of music are within the repertoire of the University’s Music licence (please check with the Copyright Officer)
  • copy/ies are labelled with the following details:
    • the title of each musical work
    • the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger of the musical work; and
    • if the recording contains an ARIA sound recording, the artist/group name and the record company label.
  • copy/ies are from legitimate sources (i.e. legally purchased CDs but do not include legally downloaded music)
  • a Copyright warning notice displayed/included: “This recording has been made by Australian Catholic University under the express terms of an educational licence between it, ARIA, AMCOS, APRA and PPCA and only be used as authorised by Australian Catholic University pursuant to the terms of that licence”.

For commercial DVDs/videos:

  • There are no restrictions to playing commercial videos/DVDs in class but they cannot be recorded and uploaded to BlackBoard.