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HOS Workshop Resources


Workshop 2, 2010 September 7 - 9

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Workshop 1, 2010 April 14 - 16

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Workshop 2, 2009 September 8 - 10

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Workshop 1, 2009 April 6-8

Evaluation of Workshop (word, 68kb)


Workshop 2, 2008 September 3-5

Student Misconduct Rules and Regulations

Ms Gay Westmore, Academic Registrar, provided an update of the Student Misconduct Rules and Regulations, as well as case scenarios and the relevant regulations which might assist staff in responding to poor behaviours. Ms Westmore has offered to clarify any issues or queries staff have in relation to the rules or the scenarios.

Internationalisation of the Curriculum: Concepts and Good Practice

This presentation was given by Ms Maureen Bell, of the University of Wollongong's academic development unit, and is re-produced with her permission. It canvasses the varied interpretations of the term 'internationalisation', and then examines Australian Universities' responses the 'internationalisation agenda' before suggesting good practices derived from the research into international perspectives. All staff, academic and general, could benefit from the material and ideas presented here.

Engagement, Learning & Research: toward a more integrated view of knowledge

Professor Barbara Holland, DVC Community Engagement UWS, kindly agreed to adding this presentation to our Resources for the Deans & HOS Workshops. It explores how a contemporary university cannot afford not to drive the nexus between its teaching, research and engagement agendas, and how we might achieve a 'virtuous circle' in our activities in all three areas. All ACU staff will benefit from this exploration of our Community Engagement approaches and how they align with research and teaching programs.