Information for External Sponsors

What is a Sponsorship?

A Sponsorship is a payment made by a third party towards a student’s fees. A Sponsorship may cover all or part of a student’s tuition fees. It may also cover the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

What to consider before establishing a sponsorship

  • What percentage of the tuition fee will be sponsored?
  • Will the SSAF be covered?
  • Who will be invoiced for the sponsorship amount?
  • How long will the student/s be sponsored for?
  • Are there any ongoing requirements that the student/s needs to meet?

Setting up a sponsorship agreement with ACU

Once third parties are ready, please e-mail to obtain the External Sponsorship Agreement Form and Sponsored Student Information Form (SSIF).

General Information

Sponsors are invoiced bi-annually in late April and late October.

Term of Sponsorship
The sponsorship agreement will be valid for three years. The agreement can be terminated at any time by either party, with 30 days written notice. Upon termination, the sponsor bears full responsibility for the payment of fees for study periods with a census date prior to the date of termination.

Adding and Removing Students
Sponsors can add and remove students within the duration of the agreement. Sponsors are requested to advise the ACU Fees Sponsorship Office prior to the commencement of the next study period, if removing a student from the sponsorship.

Census date
Legislation requires that no changes are made to student accounts after the respective census date.

Whom do I contact?

Please email if you have any questions regarding sponsorship arrangements.