Staff Kitchens

There are a number of staff kitchens located on campus. The locations are listed below:

  • E Block level one – adjacent to Conference Room A
  • E Block level two – beside Lecture Room E2.73
  • S Block level two – opposite S2.44
  • S Block level three – opposite S3.12
  • Clancy level one – opposite C1.42 First Aid Room
  • Clancy level two – next to C2.31
  • Clancy level two – opposite STANSW

All kitchens are equipped with microwaves, hot/cold water dispensers and fridges. Campus Operations provides tea, coffee, stirrers, sugar, milk, scourers, dishcloths and dishwashing liquid for each of these areas.

The kitchens are serviced on a regular basis and general cleaning is carried out each morning. Refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves that have been provided by Campus Operations will also be cleaned on a regular basis at the start of each month.


Individual staff are responsible for washing and drying dishes or stacking dishwashers.


Please ensure food kept in the fridges is clearly labelled and not stored for too long. At the end of each semester Campus Operations will conduct a mass clean-out and food may be lost if it is not removed from the fridges.


Please consider others and cover your food while using the microwave. This will prevent unnecessary spillage and cleaning for others.


Milk is delivered to the fridges on Monday and Wednesday. If you run out of milk please drop into Campus Operations next to Reception, as we have extra milk in our fridge for staff use.