Campus Vehicles

Campus Operations has two vehicles which are available for hire. One of which is a Toyota sedan and the other is a Toyota station wagon. Staff has the option of which car they would like to hire (depending on availability).

Booking a vehicle

To book a vehicle you must fill in a Campus Motor Vehicle Request Form which is completed by the hirer, signed by employee’s appropriate superior officer and booked through the Campus Operations Office or via Service Desk.

Using the vehicle

The vehicle keys can be collected from the Campus Operations Office on Level 2 of the James Carroll Building.

When hiring a car you must complete an Odometer reading at the start and finish of a trip and enter the hirer’s name, department and signature in vehicle logbook. This is to be returned complete to Campus Operations at the end of each trip.

The vehicle should also be returned with a minimum of a quarter of a tank of fuel. Fuel and oil can be purchased with the Fleet Card which is provided with the logbook.


A fee of $0.70 per kilometres travelled is to apply to all usage as well as a $20.00 fee for hire.

Please note: Smoking is prohibited in all university vehicles.