Building and Grounds


The Chapel opened in 2012 and is dedicated to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom who is the patron of Catholic Universities around the world. The garden leading into the Chapel is designed as a place for quiet prayer and reflection, while the Rose Garden out the front of the Chapel on Edward Street is dedicated to Our Lady.

The Chapel is open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm for private prayer and devotions. Mass is celebrated each week and staff and students are most welcome to attend Mass and other gatherings for public prayer.

Contact Fr Anthony Casamento on (02) 9739 2157 or Carmel Taffa on (02) 9739 2380 for further information. 

Common Room

The Common Room is located in front of the Canteen on Level 4 of the James Carroll Building and is designed as a space to eat, socialise and relax. This area includes tables, chairs, a pool table, a ping-pong table, lounges, a piano and some kitchen supplies. The Student Association Office is located in the corner of the Common Room.


The courtyard located outside Level 4 of the James Carroll Building is an outdoor space set up with tables, chairs, and sun-shelters. There is also a barbeque in this area - please contact the Student Association if you are interested in using this barbeque for an event.

First Aid/Parents Room

This room is available to students or staff who are sick, have injured themselves or need privacy with their child. In this room, you will find a hospital bed, lounge, sink, microwave, baby table, and chairs. To enter this room you must report to Reception and leave your name and student/ staff number to get the key. The key must be returned to Reception after use of the room.

Higher Degree Research Space

On Level 1 of the James Carroll Building there is a drop-in space for higher degree research students. This room contains five computers and provides students with an opportunity to work and study in a quiet and  peaceful environment. This room is not to be used by undergraduate students.


On Level 3 of the James Carroll Building there is a Mailroom located next to Reception. This room is for the drop off area for mail, deliveries and the sorting area for outgoing mail. This room contains pigeon holes where staff members can pick up and drop off mail.

Prayer Room

There is a multifaith prayer room on Level 3 of the James Carroll Building near the Auditorium.


Smoking is restricted to a designated smoking area located on the grass patch out the front of the James Carroll Building. Smoking is not permitted on any other part of the campus.