Off-Site Printers

The Melbourne Campus uses off-site printers Snap Printing for large quantities of photocopying or printing.

Collection and depositing of requests is handled via Campus Operations through the Mailroom desk on the ground floor at 115 Victoria Parade (requests are to be made in person by attending the rear Mailroom window). 

Alternatively you can send files electronically to The email should cross reference to the print requisition form so we know how the file is to be finished. The print requisition form can be scanned and sent with the file (preferred) or placed in the daily run.

Collection times

Snap printing collect and return twice daily once in the morning around 10am and once in the afternoon around 4pm.

The Mailroom will send you an email to advise when your print job has been delivered.

Please bring both copies of forms when lodging your printing. You will receive one back with your printing when it is returned.

System use

To use the system your signature needs to be an approved signature for the collection and holding of the printing forms. Your signature also needs to be a valid signature for chargeback through the finance system. The signature and authority be will be cross-referenced against the Approved Signature Form (PDF, 80kb) located at the Mailroom.

Please note: To get approval you will need to complete the form above and your signature approved by your HOD/HOS. Finance will also approve and then forward to the Mailroom.

If your printing job sheet does not have the valid signature and account code it cannot be processed. Please ensure all printing request forms are correctly completed before depositing with Reception.


Printing is recharged to your School or Department on a monthly basis through the internal recharge journal system.