External mail - via Australia Post

Mail is received from Australia Post twice a day at approximately 7:30am and 12:30pm. This is then sorted and distributed twice a day to departments located at 115, 174 and 250 Victoria Parade and the Daniel Mannix building.

Australia Post collects all mail at approximately 3:45pm. All mail needs to be in the Mailroom no later than 3:30 pm to ensure it can be processed and sent that day.

Cost codes

To ensure that charged back mail costs are acceptable, department cost codes need to be authorised.

If you have mail which may need a different cost code to codes used previously, then you need to forward the following information to Finance:

  • The name of the account
  • The codes for the account including all PDT codes
  • The authorising signature

Once the cost code is approved it will be entered in the Australia Post Mail Manager program. Mail can then be processed against the relevant account.

The reason for this process is to ensure that chargebacks from Campus Operations to the relevant departments are acceptable.

International mail

Staff members wishing to send international mail over 500g should contact the Mailroom for an international customs sticker. The completed sticker is then attached to the parcel and returned to the Mailroom.

Please note: International mail over 500g must have a Customs Declaration and be signed in at the Mailroom in the register by the staff member sending them. If this is not done, a delay will be encountered as the mail has to be returned to the sender for the paper work to be completed.

Inter-campus mail

Any inter-campus mail that weighs less than 500g can be placed in an overnight satchel and addressed to the person and the campus to which they belong.

This service is not compulsory but it does have a number of benefits, including:

  • Mail is sent in overnight satchels - guaranteed next day delivery
  • Only one satchel is sent as long as the weight does not exceed 500g 
  • Reduction in individual offices sending over-night envelopes
  • Reduction in individual schools/departments picking up the cost of inter-campus mail
  • Reduction in cost of external envelopes - mail can be sent in internal mail envelopes.

Please note: The inter-campus mail services can only accommodate up to 500g - no boxes or large satchels can be sent via this service. Any inter-campus mail over 500g will be posted separately and must include an address and cost code.

Large mail-outs

To ensure that the mail all goes on the day it is sent to the Mailroom, some preparation from the senders would be appreciated.

Large mail-outs should be bundled into lots of 25 for standard letters and letters of same weight. They must have postage paid in top right hand corner (you should ensure you order pre-printed envelopes or you can borrow a stamp from Reception).

Please note: Mail going to other campuses must specify the name of the campus - Sydney or NSW will not find the correct campus. Ensure that envelopes are properly sealed and not left open for contents to fall out in transit.

Inter-departmental mail

When sending mail to someone in another department, please specify the name of the recipient plus the department on the envelope, otherwise the mail will be returned to you.