Keys and Fobs

Please note that all requests for keys and fobs must come through Service Desk and must be approved by the Head of the School or Department.

All keys and fobs must be collected from the Campus Operations office – located in the basement of 115 Victoria Parade – and must be signed out by the staff member using the key and fob.

Keys and fobs must be returned to Campus Operations upon cessation or transfer of employment.

Lost keys or fobs must be reported immediately by contacting the Kathryn Richards on (03) 9953 3483. If she is unavailable, contact Campus Operations helpdesk at (03) 9953 3342.

Replacement keys and fobs incur a cost to the School or Department.

Staff who find that rooms they wish to access are locked, should check that the rooms have been booked by contacting (03) 9953 3342. If the room has been booked then the staff member should contact Security for access. Security may be contacted from any house phone by dialing 600.

ACU staff card