Staying comfortable

There are two keys to your comfort in The Daniel Mannix Building:

  1. Dress for the weather
  2. Understand how the heating and cooling system works.

Dress for the weather

The Daniel Mannix Building will maintain its internal temperature in a range between 21°C and 25°C, depending on the weather. For example, when the temperature inside TDMB falls below 21°C, the building will provide more warm air through the ventilation system. When the temperature increases above 25°C the building will provide cooler air through the ventilation system.

This means that the building will be cooler in winter and warmer in summer. We strongly recommend that staff and students dress for the weather and not for an anticipated high level of heating or cooling.

Understand how the heating and cooling system works

This building sends hot and cold air through an under-floor system of pipes and the air enters each room through vents that are integrated into the carpet tiles. The temperature of this air is set automatically at a central point, so there are no individual thermostats for you to control.

There are also water pipes embedded in the concrete structure of the floors and ceilings. These pipes will carry water that will help to control the temperature of the concrete slab, so that it gently radiates warmth or (more often) soaks up excess heat.

The under-floor vents are the key to your comfort. They are located throughout the building and will deliver warm and cool air to your work space. The vents cannot be moved easily so please arrange your work area so that the vents remain uncovered.

The heated or cooled air flows from the vents slowly to prevent drafts, which could make the air feel up to 3°C colder than it really is.