Frequently Asked Questions

What is it that makes TDMB a sustainable building?
Every single feature of TDMB helps to make it sustainable, from the materials used to build it, to the way it is heated and cooled, to the external shading and the solar panels on the roof.
How is the building heated and cooled?
The building uses a couple of systems to heat and cool the interior of the building. One system is a network of water pipes embedded in the concrete floor plate of each level to warm and cool the interior using warm or cool water. This system is silent and efficient. The building also gently blows warm or cool air into every occupied part of the building through vents integrated into the carpet tiles placed onto the raised floor. The air blows through the vents at a slow rate, so that you’ll never suffer from drafts.
What do I do if I’m too hot or too cold in my office?
There are several things you can do to control the comfort in your office. These are explained in detail on our Staying Comfortable page.
What do I do if the lights don’t work?
You should contact Campus Operations immediately. The contact details are here.
How much greenhouse gas will TDMB save?
The designers estimate that TDMB will annually generate less than half the amount of greenhouse gas than a conventional building of the same type and used for the same purpose.
How much water will TDMB save?
It will reduce water consumption by more than half a million litres compared to a conventional building of the same type and used for the same purpose.
Is there parking at TDMB?
There is no parking at The Daniel Mannix Building. TDMB, like the whole of the campus, benefits from many tram, bus, bicycle and train services in close proximity. See our Travel page for more details, including for parking information.
What facilities are there for cyclists at TDMB?
TDMB has 170 spaces for secure bike storage as well as nearby showers and change rooms. The bike storage spaces are available to every staff and student on the basis of first-come, first-served.
How do I dispose of waste and recycling in TDMB?
TDMB has bins for landfill waste, paper and recyclable waste in corridors, foyers and kitchens. Each office also has a dedicated paper recycling bin and a small desk-top bin for landfill waste. Campus Operations provide an on-call service for the collection of cardboard and electronic waste. Simply send your request to
What does the ‘6-Star Green Star’ rating mean?
Green Star is an environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings. A 6-Star rating signifies World leadership in sustainable design and construction. For more information on Green Star, see the Green Building Council of Australia website.
How can I keep informed about the performance of TDMB?
A large electronic screen in the foyer will show the building’s environmental performance, such as its energy and water consumption, in close to real-time. The screens will be located in common areas of the building.
If I’m cold can I bring in my own heater? / If I’m hot can I bring in my own fan?
No, you cannot. Personal fans and heaters will play havoc with the building’s temperature sensors and it the heating and cooling equipment will function erratically. See our page on Staying Comfortable for ways you can stay cool or warm in TDMB.