Campus Concierge assists with the incoming and outgoing mail for staff on campus.

Incoming mail
A Facility Assistant or Campus Concierge staff member is responsible for collecting and sorting the mail for delivery to each department. Each campus has one mail delivery run a day.

Outgoing mail
During the daily mail delivery run, Facility Assistants/Campus Concierge staff will collect any outgoing mail from departments and internal mail boxes. Staff are asked to ensure that letters are placed in ACU postage paid or express post envelopes. Envelopes are available by completing an Express and Postage Paid Envelope Order Form and submitting via Concierge Service Desk.

Courier delivery
Campus Concierge ensures delivery is for a person located at campus, receives the parcel, and notifies the staff member by email. Staff will have until 3pm to collect the parcel from reception. Any parcels that are not collected by staff will be stored and included in the next day delivery run.