Campus Vehicles

A Hyundai station wagon is available for hire at Signadou Campus. The cost of hiring this vehicle is covered by the School or Department.

Bookings can be made at Reception and a Booking Form (pdf, 42kb) must be completed and approved by HOS/Supervisor prior to travel. Keys are also picked up at Reception (Signadou/Blackfriars) – please note if you are using the vehicle overnight, keys must be picked up before 5:00pm. To comply with FBT requirements, overnight use of the vehicle must also be authorised by the  Campus Operations Manager.

A folder is located in the vehicle containing a log sheet. This needs to be completed at the beginning and end of each journey. If returning the vehicle after 5:00pm, please return the keys to the mail box in either building.

Please read the University's policy on driver safety for further information.