Campus Vehicles

Booking a vehicle

Staff members wishing to book a campus vehicle should send a request to Please attach a completed motor vehicle request form (pdf, 74kb) to the request.

Staff members should include the following information:

  • Dates required
  • Time leaving
  • Time returning

A reply will be sent via the Service Desk confirming or declining the request.

If the vehicle is required immediately, a request can be made directly to Campus Operations on (07) 3623 7100. The request will then be placed through Service Desk. 

Using a vehicle

  • The driver collects the keys, logbook, swipe card and fleet card from Reception after producing a current driver’s licence
  • Kilometres are to be noted at commencement of journey in the logbook
  • The kilometres travelled also need to be entered into the booking form on return to campus
  • The plastic pocket containing all information and keys are to be returned to Reception between 8:00am – 5:00pm or the Security Guard 5:00pm – 10:30pm. If after hours, place the package in the mail postage shoot situated next to the mail room (window painted red with "Mail Box" written on it). 

Please note: 

  • In the event of an accident all particulars are to be noted, an insurance claim form is to be completed and returned to Campus Operations as soon as possible (refer to ACU Motor Vehicle Insurance Summary included in package)
  • If the car is unable to be driven after an accident call 24 hour Driver Support on 1300 139 555
  • In the event of a flat tyre or broken windscreen contact 24 hour Driver Support on 1300 139 555
  • If filling the vehicle with petrol, all dockets are to be retained in the plastic pocket
  • Cars should not be parked in long term parking away from the campus as they may be needed by other people on site
  • The charge for the use of the vehicle is charged back to the relevant organisational unit at the end of the month
  • Cars are parked in the garage inside the staff car park.
Please read the University's policy on driver safety for further information.