Archiving is available for all staff but please note storage space is limited.

Archiving request

Staff members who wish to store material in the campus archives should send a request to

After the servicedesk request has been lodged, you will be contacted to ascertain that the item(s) are to be stored in the campus archives. Boxes will then be delivered to you by Campus Operations.

When archiving material please keep your own records of what is to be stored and have your own numbering system for the boxes. 

The following information will also be collected by Campus Operations:

  • Name of Faculty or Organisational Unit
  • Name of Staff Member (if applicable)
  • Type of materials (list of contents should be included)
  • Clients numbering system
  • Date of materials
  • Date for destruction, review or permanent retention (this is most important,  please refer to the ACU Policy on Archiving).

When the boxes are ready for collection, please request removal through the Service Desk and Campus Operations will have the boxes collected.

Retrieval of boxes from archive

If you require a box from the archive, contact Campus Operations with relevant information on the box you wish to look at. The box will be delivered as soon as possible.