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The Policy on Research Cost Recovery (PDF, 110KB) conducted by academic staff sets out the need to fully cost commercial research, including the requirement to embed the infrastructure levy across all budget line items.

The University's Policy covers commercially funded research for which the contractor pays the costs of the infrastructure to carry out a specific research project (Section 2 of the Policy). The Policy recognises that engaging in commercial research supports the University's Mission and also has the ancillary benefit of commercial research funding being eligible for inclusion in Commonwealth funding mechanisms.

Commercially funded research must be costed to reflect the full cost of the work, including a notional cost for the University's infrastructure such as computer networks, professional indemnity insurance, financial services and specialised equipment.

Researchers involved in commercial research activities or considering such work should note the following key policy and procedural matters -

  1. All commercial research proposals must include the University infrastructure levy in accordance with Section 6.2 of the Policy. The levy is to be embedded in budget items and not listed as a separate line item;
  2. All commercial research proposals must include at least a summary budget and it is good practice to detail key objectives/milestones in a project proposal to be submitted to the sponsor through Research Services.
  3. A formal agreement must be entered into with the sponsor. Such agreements are to be processed through Research Services and signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) email If the sponsor of the consultancy/commercial research does not provide a contract for work, please contact Research Services  who can assist in the drafting of an agreement;
  4. Any requests for a modification to the levy must be submitted to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) through Research Services, providing a detailed justification for a variation to the levy.

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