Student Cards & Photos Policy & Procedures

1. Definition
2. Purpose of student cards
3. Responsibility of student
4. Ownership of student cards and management of student card processes and authorities
5. Additional use of photographic images of students
6. Application for access to student photographic images
7. Complaints regarding use of student photographic images

1. Definition

For the purpose of this policy, the term “student card data” refers to the information contained on an ACU student card as extracted from the Banner student system. ACU student cards also contain a photographic image of the student, which is stored on the student card system and/or the Banner student system.

2. Purpose of student cards

2.1 Student card data may vary from time to time but will generally be limited to information necessary to identify the student, his/her course of study and his/her current enrolment.

2.2 Every student is required to obtain a student card and to produce it for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to confirmation of his/her status as a student of the University and/or of his/her identity by reference to the photograph and/or other information, and in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to –

  1. professional experience program placements;
  2. entry to and/or conduct of an examination;
  3. library use and borrowing;
  4. photocopying and/or printing;
  5. access to teaching and/or research activities or facilities;
  6. building access;
  7. access and/or entry to recreational, cultural and/or sporting activities or facilities;
  8. purchase of goods or services.

2.3 Externally to the University, the student card may also be used by students to access benefits such as travel concessions or discount arrangements with nominated external providers1.

3. Responsibility of student

3.1 It is the responsibility of the student to –

  1. obtain a student card at or prior to the commencement of his/her first period of enrolment with the University within the timelines specified by the University on its website and/or in any other relevant correspondence and/or published information;
  2. ensure that information contained on the student card is correct at the time of production and that it is updated should the student’s details, including enrolment status2; change
  3. ensure the security of his/her student card and not provide it to or allow it to be used by any other person;
  4. purchase a replacement student card in the event of loss of his/her student card or change of enrolment/fee status, such as to require the issue of a replacement card3;
  5. obtain a replacement card if his/her student card expires while the student is still enrolled at the University4.

3.2 A student may not use an ACU student card for any purpose if he/she cancels his/her enrolment or has it terminated by the University, or otherwise discontinues his/her study at the University

4. Ownership of student cards and management of student card processes and authorities

4.1 The University may engage external providers to produce student cards. However, student cards and the contents of them are the property of the University.

4.2 ACU student card data and photographic images are subject to restrictions in relation to access and disclosure in accordance with the ACU Privacy Policy.

5. Additional use of photographic images of students

5.1 The University may use the photographic images taken for the primary purpose of production of student cards for management and regulation of a variety of activities, including those listed in Section 2 above.

5.2 In addition, the University may make photographic images of a student or students available to staff where reference to such data is judged to be necessary to enable the staff member to fulfill his/her duties and/or to provide a service to the student(s) and, in all circumstances, such use is beneficial to the interests of the student.

Examples of such circumstances include

  1. verifying a student’s identity for official University purposes;
  2. emergency situations, such as locating lost or missing students and/or identifying students in accidents;
  3. reasons of student safety, such as large laboratory or field classes that require reference sheets in the event of emergencies;
  4. arrangement and/or management of professional experience programs/placements;
  5. pastoral care, such as the production of reference sheets that allow staff more effectively to provide personal assistance to students in large classes, but not for the purpose of policing attendance at classes;
  6. other reasonable purposes where the student has provided written consent for release of the photographic image to the staff member or a nominated organisational unit.

5.3 The University will not release photographic images of students to persons inside or external to the University in any other circumstances, except in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

6. Application for access to student photographic images

6.1 Any staff member seeking access to a student’s photographic image for one or more of the purposes referred to in Section 5 must submit a written application5 to the Academic Registrar, endorsed by the Head of School or member of the Executive6 responsible for any other organisational unit.

6.2 Any such application must include details of –

  1. the purpose for which the photographic image(s) will be used;
  2. how access to the photographic image(s) will benefit the student(s);
  3. the unit in which the student(s) is(are) enrolled and in relation to which the request is submitted7;
  4. the length of time access to the photographic image(s) is requested; ;
  5. the full name, position and contact details of the staff member(s) for whom authority to access the photographic image(s) is sought.

6.3 In any circumstances in which access to a student’s photographic image is approved, it will be subject to the following provisos –

  1. access will be limited to a named person(s);
  2. access will be time-defined8;
  3. access will be in ‘read-only’ format and will not be available in printed format or in a format which can be printed;
  4. mechanisms exist in order to allow access to be traced;
  5. any associated cost will be borne by the organisational unit making the request.

6.4 Misuse of any student’s photographic image by any staff member will be a breach of the Staff Code of Conduct.

7. Complaints regarding use of student photographic images

Any student who considers that his/her photographic image has been accessed or used in a manner contr ary to this policy may lodge a complaint in accordance with the Student Complaint Management Policy.

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[1] For further information, conduct the local Student Association.
[2] For example, full-time or part-time load.
[3] If action required by the University necessitates a student to change between full-time and part-time load, there is no fee for issue of a replacement student card.
[4] Student cards are normally valid for a period of four years.
[5] See the SPI – Application for Staff Access to Student Photographic Image(s) form at (
[6] For example, the relevant Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Associate Vice-Chancellor, Dean or Director.
[7] For example, where the ground for the application relates to laboratory activities or professional experience requirements in a nominated unit.
[8] For example, access by a member of academic staff would only be approved for the duration of a student’s enrolment in a unit for which access was justified.


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