Library Services and Facilities Policy

1. Background Information

The Library's mission is to enable and enrich the teaching, learning and research endeavours of the University by delivering flexible access to extensive and relevant information resources and by providing quality services and facilities. The ACU Library operates as one library, electronically and physically, across multiple campuses and locations.

2. Policy Statement

The policy sets out the principles, purpose, and governance of ACU Library services and facilities provided to the University community. Use of the ACU Library services and facilities indicates agreement to comply with, and understanding of, this policy.

3. Policy Scope

3.1. This policy applies to all members of the University community and to all activities undertaken within Library facilities or utilising Library services. This includes:

a. All enrolled students.
b. All Academic, Professional continuing and fixed term staff, Religious Members of the University and teaching staff in Centres (including casuals and sessionals) whilst they are working for, or representing the University in any capacity.
c. Contractors, honoraries, visiting fellows and visitors to the University.
d. Registered Non-ACU Borrowers.
e. University activities utilising Library services and/or facilities.
f. All people entering any ACU Library facility on any campus.
g. Any person accessing ACU Library resources in any format.

4. Policy Exclusions

Any matter dealt with under the Privacy Act 1998; Copyright Act 1968 (Cth); ACU Mission; ACU Privacy Policy; ACU Critical Incident Management Policy; ACU Student Conduct and Discipline Policy; ACU Policy on Student Complaint Management; ACU Code of Conduct for All Staff; ACU Discrimination and Harassment Policy; ACU Physical teaching space standards; ACU Acceptable Use of IT Facilities Policy; ACU Social Media Policy; ACU Guidelines to enhance the use of LEO; ACU Guidelines for Reference Lists in Unit Outlines; ACU Policy on Visitors on University Premises at Invitation of Staff, ACU Children of Staff and Students on University Premises Procedure, or any police investigation is excluded from this policy.

5. Policy Principles

As members of the ACU Library staff we seek to live the spirit of the University's mission. We do this by:

a. Providing library and information services that are engaged with the individual learning and research requirements of the ACU community.
b. Advancing the achievement of excellence in learning, teaching, research, community engagement and the common good through library and information services.
c. Instituting a united, supportive, receptive, inspiring and evolving approach to our work.
d. Taking individual accountability for our role in the achievement of Library, Portfolio and University strategies and targets .
e. Continually improving library service performance, impact and outcomes for the ACU community, the University and contributing to the library and Information sector.

Our vision for the Library service is to have:

a. Information resource provision and access that is coordinated, appropriate, responsive while also being futures-orientated, and that finds integrated and innovative solutions to optimise the effectiveness of a limited resource base.
b. Key partnerships with the University's learning, teaching, and research community to enable a more direct contribution to the educational mission of ACU.
c. Staff who provide an exemplary service that demonstrates a commitment to meeting the individual and collective information needs of the ACU community.
d. Agile management structures, practices and operations that embody a commitment to Quality Assurance principles, and are evolving with the changing needs of the University.
e. Suitable underpinning technological and physical infrastructure that better enables the provision of flexible and responsive access to services and resources into the future.

6. Policy Objectives

The objectives of this Policy are to:
a. set out the principles, mission, and values of the library that inform the ways in which services and facilities are operated and governed; and
b. establish related Legislations, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Local Protocols.

7. Policy Review and Further Assistance

The Library may make changes to this policy from time to time to improve the effectiveness of its operation. In this regard, any person who wishes to make any comments about this Policy may forward their suggestions to the Director, Libraries. Any person who requires assistance in understanding this Policy should first contact the Library email enquiry service.

8. Glossary of Terms

In this Policy:

Library services means any activity associated with Library information resources, Library facilities, assets, staff or resources including in person, online, via telephone or correspondence.
Library facilities includes campus libraries, after hours facilities, amenities or equipment and other physical structures from which library services are delivered.
University community includes students, staff, religious members of the University, contractors, Non- ACU borrowers, and visitors on University premises for the purpose of utilising Library services and/or facilities.
University activity means any activity formally associated with the University such as representative sporting activities and University organised social or community activities, activities on student placement or exchange and activities on University student accommodation.


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