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Communication Policy

Please note that webpages associated with ACU Policies and Procedures are updated as part of ACU's continual improvement processes. The content of each policy/procedure listed on this website remains unaffected.

1. Introduction

The Library’s communication policy was developed within the context of the Library’s strategic plan 2007 - 2009, with particular reference to the organisational unit objectives to:

  • Know and meet client needs.
  • Transform access to the Library.
  • Be ready in a changing environment.

The aim of this policy is to establish a unified approach to the timely communication of Library information to Australian Catholic University students, staff and the broader community.

Throughout this document the term “services” is used in its broadest sense and encompasses not just Library services but also resources, facilities, policies and events.

2.Communication Policy Statements

Informed by the principles of good communication (see Appendix 1) and to ensure the equitable provision of service to all clients, the Library will:

2.1 Provide information on the full range of its services along with instruction in their use.

2.2 Actively promote its new and existing services to its clients in order that their teaching, learning and research experience is enhanced.

2.3 Communicate the authoritative version of its policies, which govern the use of its services and resources, on the Library web site.

2.4 Ensure that all information on its web site and other publications is accurate and up-to-date.

2.5 Construct the Library web site with regard to the established principles of accessibility.

2.6 In line with University policy, communicate with students and staff about policies and procedural matters through the University email system. This will include liaison librarians making regular reports at relevant School meetings.

2.7 Inform its clients about changes to policies and procedures in a timely fashion prior to such changes taking effect.

2.8 Inform its clients of the changes or interruptions to its services in a timely fashion.

2.9 Provide opportunities for clients to communicate their needs and views.

2.10 Facilitate the effective dissemination and sharing of information amongst its staff.

2.11 Foster and develop its service culture and the communication skills of its staff to enable them to enact it.

2.12 Regularly review and evaluate its performance in the implementation of this policy.

Appendix 1: Principles of Good Communication

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Keep it clear and concise (avoid using jargon).
  3. Use a range of methods to get the message across.
  4. Use appropriate media for appropriate target groups.
  5. Repeat key messages.
  6. Comply with standard accessibility and usability principles.
  7. Invite feedback.

Chris Sheargold

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