Staff Induction

  1. Background Information
  2. Policy Statement
  3. Policy Purpose
  4. Application of Policy
  5. Procedures
  6. Policy Review
  7. Further Assistance

1. Background Information

Australian Catholic University recognises that effective induction is critical to ensuring that staff are able to contribute to the University's Mission, are aware of their legal obligations as members of staff of the University and are able to undertake their work roles quickly and effectively. The University is committed to providing induction to all new members of the University staff, however also recognises that some elements of induction are required when staff change roles.

The University recognises that successful induction is a responsibility shared between the nominated supervisor and the commencing staff member, supported by colleagues in the relevant organisational unit or other relevant areas of the University.

2. Policy Statement

The ACU Induction Program provides a mechanism for introducing new staff members to their role and responsibilities and to the ACU Mission, culture, ethos, community, organisational structure and the legal requirements associated with employment at the University. Undertaking and completing the ACU Induction Program, including successful completion of essential online learning modules, within the first six months is a condition of employment for all new staff of ACU to whom this Policy applies.

3. Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to articulate the importance of inducting staff to ACU and to outline the process and responsibilities for successful induction.

4. Application of Policy

This policy applies to all continuing and fixed term Professional and Academic Staff. It is a requirement that the new staff member completes the ACU Induction Program within the first six months of employment at ACU or within the period of the fixed term appointment in circumstances where the period is less than six months.

5. Procedures

5.1 Program Components

At the time of appointment, a new staff member is introduced to the ACU Induction Program via their employment contract and the new starter email sent by Human Resources. There are four components of the ACU Induction Program:

5.1.1   1 on 1 with Supervisor

The nominated supervisor will provide new staff members with a local workplace induction during the first weeks of employment. This normally includes:

  • Job requirements
  • Health and safety
  • Workstation, email and communication systems
  • Local workplace issues/customs
  • Working conditions, processes and procedures
  • Probation processes
  • Managing for performance process and annual cycle key contacts

5.1.2 E-Induction

This on-line Program has been developed to provide new staff members with relevant and up-to-date information about the University as a whole. It is designed to supplement and be ongoing support to the information gained at the workplace and at the U@ACU Induction workshop.

5.1.3 E-Essentials

These on-line training modules focus on a range of statutory and legal requirements that new staff members must complete. The on-line training modules may apply to all staff or be role specific. Staff will receive notification of the relevant on-line modules that require completion. The on-line modules are designed to equip new staff members with the basic underlying principles and understanding of the legislation which governs the University and as a consequence they are a compulsory requirement of employment.

5.1.4 U@ACU Induction Workshop

The U@ACU Induction workshop has been designed to complement the information gained at the workplace and on-line.

The workshop covers:

  • The University’s Organisational Structure, history and Strategic Direction
  • Catholic Identity and Mission
  • Community Engagement
  • Local campus WHS/EEO information
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Working at ACU

The U@ACU Induction workshop is held several times a year. A separate workshop for new supervisors covers the roles and responsibilities of supervisors at ACU. This workshop is available to all new supervisors including those appointed to supervisory positions from within ACU.

5.2 Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibility for the various components of the ACU Induction Program rests with a range of positions and organisational work units. These are outlined below:

5.2.1 Nominated Supervisor

The nominated supervisor is the key person in the induction process and has responsibility for the overall conduct of the induction process including:

  • establishing through University processes the Properties and Facilities and IT requirements in time for the new staff members start date, in order that keys, computer access and email accounts maybe organised before the staff member commences;
  • ensuring that an ergonomically sound and appropriately equipped work environment is provided for the new staff member;
  • welcoming the new staff member to the University and to the work unit;
  • introducing the new staff member to work colleagues;
  • clarifying any probationary criteria and the probation review process;
  • ensuring that the new staff member has a clear understanding of her or his role and responsibilities, including as relevant the Academic or Professional Staff Performance Review and Plan;
  • providing the new staff member with documents or web addresses for accessing relevant information;
  • ensuring that the new staff member attends the U@ACU Induction workshop and completes the components of the ACU Induction Program within the first six months of the new staff members employment or a lesser period for short term fixed term appointments.

The nominated supervisor may delegate all or part of the Induction Process to an assistant supervisor however, overall accountability remains with the nominated supervisor.

5.2.2 Staff Member

As a condition of their employment, the new staff member is responsible for participating in and completing the four components of the ACU Induction Program in consultation with their nominated supervisor, normally within the first six months of employment with ACU or as soon as practicable, or within the period of the fixed term appointment in circumstances where the period is less than six months.

This includes completion of the:

  • 1-on-1 meeting with their nominated supervisor;
  • E-Induction Program and submission of the checklist within this program;
  • E-Essentials modules;
  • U@ACU Induction workshop.

5.2.3 Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for:

  • issuing Offers of Appointment letters; the on boarding letter/email that introduces the ACU Induction Program;
  • assisting nominated supervisors as necessary in the implementation of the ACU Induction Program;
  • establishing and maintaining the E-Induction Program;
  • policy and procedure framework;
  • scheduling and arranging the U@ACU Induction workshop as part of the Professional Development Program;
  • facilitating the U@ACU Induction workshop;
  • inviting new staff members to the U@ACU Induction workshops;
  • advising the new staff member of the details of their E-Essentials on-line modules and E-Induction Program (including log-on details and time frames);
  • maintaining records of attendance, participation and completion in all ACU Induction components;
  • monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the ACU Induction Program.

5.2.4 Associate Vice-Chancellors/Campus Deans

The Associate Vice-Chancellor/Campus Dean in each campus location supports the University's Induction Program by presenting the University’s Organisational Structure, history, Strategic Direction, Catholic Identity and Mission as part of the U@ACU Induction workshop.

5.2.5 Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry supports the University's Induction Program by assisting in the facilitation of the University’s Mission as part of the U@ACU Induction workshop.

5.2.6 Properties and Facilities

Properties and Facilities is responsible for allocating work spaces and facilities, issuing keys and, where applicable, other security equipment, for new staff as requested by the nominated supervisor.

5.2.7 IT

IT is responsible for issuing computer and email accounts for new staff as requested by the nominated supervisor.

5.2.8 Other Staff

When called upon to do so, other staff will be invited to participate in the ACU Induction Program in various roles including as panel members as part of the U@ACU Induction workshop to talk about how the Mission influences their work.

5.2.9 All Faculties and Directorates

All Faculties and Directorates are responsible for ensuring that the information about their Faculty and Directorate on the ACU webpage is current and accurate.

6. Policy Review

The University will develop a process for reviewing the effectiveness of this policy. Where applicable, the review will take account of necessary changes to other relevant University policies and procedures. To assist such considerations, a staff member wishing to suggest improvements to this Policy and Procedures is invited to forward his/her suggestions to the Human Resources Advisory Service.

7. Further Assistance

Any staff member who requires assistance in understanding the Staff Induction Policy should first consult their nominated supervisor. Should further advice be required staff should contact the Human Resources Advisory Service, or extension 4222.

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