Internal Communications Policy

This policy deals with channels of communication within ACU.

  1. Policy purpose
  2. Policy statement
  3. Communication channels
  4. Staff Bulletin
  5. Staff surveys
  6. Staff newsroom
  7. Staff website
  8. Enterprise social networks
  9. Staff feedback platform
  10. All staff emails
  11. Email distribution lists
  12. Application of policy
  13. Roles and responsibilities
  14. Policy review
  15. Further assistance

1 . Policy purpose

1.1 The purpose of this policy is to identify the various channels of communication within ACU, their intended purpose and the roles and responsibilities of staff in accessing and using them.

2 . Policy statement

2.1 The ACU has the objective of enhancing and streamlining internal communications to reinforce ACU’s vision and strategic priorities. This involves ensuring that information disseminated to staff is relevant, easy to access, accurate, and appropriate in both content and quantity.

2.2 ACU will continue to develop and trial new communication platforms, channels, and tools to improve information sharing and collaboration between ACU staff.

2.3 This policy is to be implemented in a way that ensures compliance with relevant legislative requirements and standards of best practice.

2.4 Staff are encouraged to share information with their peers and the university community about activities and events which have an association with ACU. ACU expects that staff will use the channels and associated tools for University purposes and in compliance with this and other relevant policies and procedures.

2.5 Users of these and other ACU communication channels are expected to use them for University purposes, and comply with this policy, the Code of Conduct for All Staff, and other applicable policies and legislation. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

3 . Communication channels

3.1 The ACU has a number of existing internal communication channels available, including:

Channel Purpose
Staff Bulletin Dissemination of information from the ACU Executive to staff which is important and relevant to their interests, including training, employment vacancies and significant announcements.
Staff surveys Used to gather information and feedback from staff.
Staff newsroom on ACU staff website Provides important information for staff in an easily accessible location.
Enterprise social networks (eg. Yammer or Workplace by Facebook) Used by groups of staff to collaborate and communicate on projects online.
Used by staff to share and comment on work-related ideas, news and activities.
Staff feedback email address on ACU staff website Made available for staff to contribute feedback and ideas for improvements.
All Staff emails Used for important messages to staff from the ACU Executive. Staff are required to read authorised all staff emails.
Emails sent to Distribution Lists Used to inform groups about important information as well as to promote upcoming events and activities.

4 . Staff Bulletin

4.1 The Staff Bulletin informs staff of Senior Executive Group, Associate Vice-Chancellor and Campus Dean messages, information relevant to all staff, staff profiles, university activities, news about ACU, employment vacancies, and professional development and training opportunities.

4.2 The Staff Bulletin should be the sole bulletin for staff on campus. Staff may not establish or operate a bulletin or newsletter for ACU.

4.3 Contributions for the Staff Bulletin must be sent in advance to the Internal Communications Officer who will review the content, consult the contributor about any amendments and, if suitable, approve the item for inclusion.

4.4 Contributions for the Staff Bulletin must be approved in advance by the contributor’s relevant Director or Dean (or their authorised delegate), before being forwarded to the Internal Communications Officer for inclusion.

5 . Staff surveys

5.1 ACU will conduct a staff engagement survey at least every 3 years, and other surveys from time to time. The results of the staff engagement survey will be made available to staff.

5.2 Staff surveys should be lodged with the Office of Planning and Strategic Management Survey Register before being released.

5.3 Surveys should be disseminated to staff through the internal communication channels identified in this policy.

6 . Staff newsroom

6.1 The Internal Communications Officer is responsible for managing and maintaining the Staff Newsroom. The Newsroom is to be used for disseminating information from the Executive which is important and relevant to staff.

6.2 Content for the Newsroom is to be generated by the relevant area and forwarded to the Internal Communications Officer. It is the responsibility of the person contributing the content to ensure the content is factually correct. Depending on the type of content, contact details for queries and/or more information are to be provided by the contributor.

6.3 Contributions for the Staff Newsroom must be approved in advance by the contributor’s relevant Director or Dean (or their authorised delegate), before being forwarded to the Internal Communications Officer for inclusion.

6.4 The Internal Communications Officer reserves the right not to publish content that is not suitable for the Newsroom, is incomplete, or contains information that may be better communicated through a different channel.

7 . Staff website

7.1 The Staff Website is an internal communications channel and includes the Newsroom.

7.2 It contains information about ACU policies, procedures, forms and templates for staff.

8 . Enterprise social networks

8.1 Enterprise social networks allow groups to work and communicate together without meeting face to face or emails.

8.2 Groups may only be established for University related purposes, including local campus activity and events.

8.2 Use of these networks must comply with the ACU Social Media Policy.

9 . Staff feedback email address

9.1 ACU recognises the value of staff suggestions and feedback and has established the Staff feedback email address ( for this purpose.

9.2 The Staff feedback email address ( may be used by any staff member to suggest improvements, contribute ideas and provide feedback on ACU initiatives in a constructive way.

9.3 It is not to be used to notify complaints such as grievances, disputes, appeals or protected disclosures.

9.4 Feedback received will be referred to the relevant Service Lead.

10 . All staff emails

10.1 Staff are required to read the all staff emails which they receive. It is the responsibility of staff to regularly check their official University email accounts for such email messages.

10.2 Only the Vice-Chancellor and President, Provost, Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy Vice-Chancellors or their authorised delegate may send all staff emails.

11 . Email distribution lists

11.1 The use of staff email distribution lists is limited to the list owner, list manager and authorised persons who are listed in the ACU Email Distribution List Policy. Any other person wishing to use an email distribution list must obtain permission from the list owner.

11.2 Distribution lists should be created, maintained and used in accordance with the ACU Email Distribution List policy.

11.3 The requirements which apply to all staff emails also apply to emails sent using distribution lists.

12 . Application of policy

12.1 This policy applies to all staff.

13 . Roles and responsibilities

13.1 Directors and Deans are responsible for approving contributions by their staff for the Staff Bulletin and Staff Newsroom.

13.2 Email Distribution List Owners are responsible for dealing with requests to use distribution lists.

13.3 The Internal Communications Officer is responsible for receiving and dealing with contributions for the Staff Bulletin and Staff Newsroom, and managing and maintaining the Newsroom and Bulletin.

13.4 Service Leads are responsible for receiving and dealing with feedback through the Staff Feedback Platform.

13.4 Staff are responsible for informing themselves appropriately about the ACU using the specific communication channels made available to them.

14 . Policy review

14.1 This policy will be reviewed and updated at least every five (5) years from the approval date, or more frequently if appropriate.

15 . Further assistance

15.1 Enquiries about this policy should be directed to the Internal Communications and Engagement Manager.

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