Quotations and Tenders for Purchases

  1. Overview
  2. Definitions
  3. Choosing a Supplier
  4. Expressions of Interest
  5. Quotation and Tender Limits
  6. Receipt of Quotations and Tenders
  7. Tender Committee

1. Overview

The University must maintain a reputation for fair and impartial dealing in its contracts with the public. The calling of competitive quotations and tenders is part of this process. The quotation and tender procedures are intended to ensure that:-

  • all who wish to supply goods or services to the University shall be given the opportunity to do so;
  • no particular supplier is given an unfair advantage;
  • the best value for money is obtained; and
  • appropriate records are retained to comply with audit and accountability requirements.

A periodic review of supply arrangements should be undertaken to ensure pricing of goods and services remains competitive.

    Goods or services supplied under Government contracts should be in accordance with the ACU Procurement Policy.

2. Definitions

Some additional basic definitions are included below :

Acronym meaning "Reguest For" eg RFQ - Request For Quotation, RFP - Request For Proposal, RFT - Request For Tender.

A quotation is a written statement of price and terms of sale for goods or services by a vendor, in response to either a verbal or written invitation by the University. "Verbal" quotations are not endorsed are to be discouraged.

"Tender or Proposal"
A Tender or Proposal is an offer made in writing to supply certain goods or to perform certain services at a given cost, in response to the relevant specifications set out in the University’s invitation.  Tenders and Proposals include public tenders and selected ("Closed") tenders. The word Tender and Proposal is often used interchangeably. Tenders are always the result of the issue of an RFT in a formal invitation and evaluation process by ACU. Proposals may result from a less formal invitation depending on the circumstances.

"Public Tender"
A public tender is a tender submitted in response to the University’s invitation to tender which has been published for anyone to reply to using an online facility, newspaper or other publication.

"Selected or Closed or Private Tender"
A Selected (or Closed or Private) tender is a tender submitted in response to the University’s limited written invitation to specific organisations only. Selected tender action applies where public tender action is impractical or inexpedient and is subject to the approval of the Director of Finance and/or the Chief Operating Officer.

"Expressions of Interest"
Written expressions of interest are sought, using the approved facility, inviting interested parties to indicate their capability to provide certain goods or services required by the University.

"The ACU Tender Portal"
A third-party hosted web platorm, branded as ACU, for issuing tenders and receiving submissions in a controlled manner. For further information click on the above link.

3. Choosing a Supplier

The supplier representing the best value proposition should be chosen subject to the suitability and quality of the goods or services for the University’s purposes. Factors to be considered when assessing a supplier’s suitability are required to be in the following four key areas, known as the "Pillars of Success" :

  • Quality of Goods or Services Provided.
  • Effectiveness of the Supply Chain or Service Provision Process.
  • The Supplier’s Ability to Manage Costs and Price.
  • The Supplier's Organisational Excellence

Justification is required to be provided outlining how the chosen supplier was able to meet these requirements.

For additional information refer to the Minimum Requirements For Suppliers of Goods and Services to ACU.

4. The Sourcing Process

The Sourcing process is required to follow the Sourcing Steps outlined in ACU Sourcing Policy - Presentation Document.

All personnel engaged in a sourcing activity of material significance are required to read and sign the following document :

All personnel engaged in the evaluation and selection of suppliers of material significance are required to read and sign the following document :

For additional information refer to the Minimum Requirements For Sourcing Within ACU.

For information on the roles of personnel involved in sourcing projects please refer to Procurement Roles and Responsibilities.

5. Quotation and Tender Limits

Click on the following link to access further information: ACU Procurement Policy.

6. Receipt of Quotations and Tenders

All written quotes received must be retained by the relevant cost centre for 5 years.

Issuing of formal requests for Tenders, Proposals or Quotes and the subsequent receipt of submissions are required to be made using The ACU Tender Portal.

7. Tender Committee

A University Tender Committee (“UTC”) or a Local Tender Committee ("LTC") is required to be established and assess tenders in accordance with the ACU Procurement Policy.

Tenders must be assessed in accordance with the accepted assessment processes.

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