Why study at ACU Language Centres?

Why study at ACU Language Centres

Located in 3 Australian cities

Our locations give you a choice of three great cities – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our main courses are the same across the three centres giving you the option to move between centres.

Fully owned and operated by ACU

Our centres are located on campus, providing you with a university experience.
Access to all university facilities
When you study at an ACU Centre for Languages, you become an ACU student. This gives you access to:
* Free Wi-Fi and internet
* Libraries
* Student Services
* Social and sporting facilities
* Online Learning System

Small classes

There is an average of 12 students in each class. This provides you with easy access to teachers and more of a personalised learning experience..

Quality at an affordable price

Our courses are competitively priced giving you access to quality programs that are affordable. ACU Language Centres are accredited by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA); quality assured by NEAS and are members of peak professional bodies, English Australia and University English Centres Australia (UECA).

Cultural diversity

Our students come from more than 30 different countries from all over the world including countries in Latin America, North and Southeast Asia, and Central and Southern Europe. This cultural diversity offers our students the opportunity to grow their global network and make friends from across the world.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Many ACU teachers have a Masters degree in TESOL, and a number have experience as IELTS examiners. ACU’s teachers understand proficiency standards and how to attain them.