How to order Versant test

ACU representative agents can arrange for their students to sit a Versant English Placement Test.

You can order tests for up to 10 students at a time. If you have more than 10 students taking the test on the same day you will need to submit additional orders.

Ordering process

  1. Open the Versant Test Order Form (pdf)
  2. Complete the required fields:
  3. Education consultant (the name of your education agency)

    Contact email (the email address of the staff member responsible for arranging the test)

    Contact Name (the name of the person who will receive the test codes)

    Student's Name (the full name of the student who will take the test)

    Test date (the date on which the student will take the test)

    Supervisor (the name of the staff member who will supervise the student taking the test)

    Courses of interest at ACU (the name of the ACU diploma or degree course the student would like to enrol in after completing their English course)

  4. Check your entries to make sure they are correct
  5. Click Submit form Now’
  6. The system will generate an email to
  7. Click 'Send’
  8. ACU will email log-in codes for the test within 48 hours.