Placement Test for English language courses

Placement Test 

ACU uses the Versant English Placement Test to assess the English proficiency levels of students who want to apply for an English language course.

You can take the test to estimate how many weeks of English study you might need to take.

You can also take the test to check that you have the required level of English proficiency to enter ACU's English for Academic Purposes: Direct Entry course. 

You cannot take the test for entry to ACU diploma or degree programs, for entry to courses at other institutions or for visa purposes.

For more information, visit the Pearson Versant website or download a sample test (pdf)

How to take the test

The Versant English Placement Test is an online test that is supervised by ACU representative agents.

The test takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and you can take it at any time throughout the year. There is no cost to take the test.

Contact a representative agent to book for the test.