Study Abroad + Community Engagement

Join our Study Abroad plus Community Engagement combination to integrate your study with volunteer service. Interacting with the local community on several levels will add unquestionable value to your study abroad experience and allow you to put theory into practice.

This unit combines three weeks of lectures and a 90 hour placement in a not-for-profit community organisation. Reflecting on your experience will be a significant component of the program. The Study Abroad plus Community Engagement program is offered in partnership with ACU’s Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE). The Institute has been established by ACU to advance the development of mutually beneficial and sustainable community engagement.


Location: Sydney and Brisbane

Duration: Semester (includes lectures + 90 hour placement)

When: February and July intake

Unit value: 10 credit points


View full program information: Study Abroad + Community Engagement (pdf)

Please refer to the Program Information for more details on fees, entry requirements and dates.