Entrepreneurial Business Field Experience

The aim of this unit is to expose students to the diverse business practices that exist amongst Australia’s trading partners. The unit will help students gain an appreciation of the cultural diversity and business behaviour in the Australian region and derive implications for international business operations planning to or currently operating there.


BUSN306 Entrepreneurial Business Field Experience

Course dates

10 -21 July 2017


Ms Maxine Bradshaw

Form(s) of teaching Experimental teaching and learning, business clinics, seminars, guest speakers and field work off site

Form(s) of assessment

Group presentation and project, business analysis, personal reflection

ACU credit points


ECTS Credits


US Credits

3 or 4

Contact hours


This course should appeal to any student, who is keen to explore current themes of entrepreneurship, innovation, globalisation and business conducted from an Australasia-Pacific perspective. Overseas students of business would find the two week business field immersion valuable as would domestic students interested in gaining a firsthand insight of major business environments and practices. Students of Law, Commerce, Business, Economics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management, IT, Global Studies, Arts, Humanities, Journalism, Politics, Philosophy and Education wishing to broaden their reach should consider enrolling in this unit

This two week intensive unit will broaden student’s knowledge and experience of business. Business environments are explored within a global perspective, which is characterised by change, complexity and uncertainty. Students undertaking this unit will be introduced to a variety of business organisations and settings in order to explore different outlooks centred on the concepts of innovation and ideas, entrepreneurship, global responsibility, ethical conduct, sustainability and the implications for international business practices.

These themes will be explored through seminars, industry panel discussions, interviews, business clinics and site visits.  In addition, all students will have the opportunity to relate important principles and aspects of their majors to a "real" international business environment. International students undertaking this two week study will also gain an awareness of Australian business culture, operations and organisational behaviour and derive implications for international business activities.

This study also aims to facilitate effective business communication skills, teamwork, and reflection.

Students will develop an ability to explore, examine, process information in order to develop effective inquiry skills which can be transitioned later into employment.

Topics will include:

  • Business within rapidly changing, complex global environments
  • Introduction to contemporary business themes: business innovation and ideas, entrepreneurship, ethical responsibility, globalisation, sustainability
  • What is the Australian Government Innovation Statement and Ideas Boom strategy? Challenge is how to develop capabilities?
  • Current issues in developing entrepreneurship - Global business today – case studies via guest speakers and visits,
  • Developing business innovation and an entrepreneurship culture
  • How to start and grow an entrepreneurial venture to success and profitability – an examination through the lens of successful managers from different sectors
  • What is corporate entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurship and technology entrepreneurship
    Legal foundations for new ventures


  • Gathering information and using, organising and synthesising useful information to analyse and reflect upon experiences and new knowledge
  • Working collaboratively: Teamwork, establishing formative teams, meetings and collaborative project work, planning, organising
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills and leadership  – to launch new venture, new product development

Excursions and site visits to industries will be a feature of this two week study. Industries will be a mixture of commercial services, distribution and manufacturing.

Site visits will include:

  • Local and State Government offices
  • innovative ‘new start-up’ companies
  • global companies engaged in the Australasia- Pacific region..

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  • Reflect upon their diverse experiences to synthesise knowledge into new insights;
  • Compare and contrast important principles and aspects of their majors to a ‘real’ business environment;
  • Examine and apply the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, ethical responsibility and globalisation to a ‘real’ business environment; and
  • Analyse the cultural diversity, business behaviour and social perspectives of the Australian region and derive implications for business operations.
  • For all students but particularly for International Students:
  • Engage globally with other students, institutions and employers from Australia

This unit will be informed by academic journals that the presenter will supply based on current research in the field of knowledge.

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