ACU July School

The ACU July School gives you an excellent opportunity to fast-track your studies in Sydney during your vacation in July. ACU July schools gives you the opportunity to:

  • Study face-to-face with excellent teachers in small classes
  • Study with local and international students
  • Study for credit for two weeks choosing from a range of interesting units (courses)
  • Receive an official ACU transcript
  • Travel, study, meet new friends and enjoy our social and cultural program in Sydney, one of the world’s most spectacular cities
  • Book affordable short-term accommodation through ACU ready for your arrival in Australia.

Applications for the 2016 ACU July School are now closed. If you would like to be updated about the ACU July School program in 2017, please register your interest and we can provide you with the latest updates when available.

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"I always wanted to go to Australia, it was on the list of my top places to visit. I looked at the classes and this one sounded really interesting. It was like a different approach to how I see things. Most of the students in my class were psychology majors and I’m the only clinical major so it was kind of cool to see everything from a different angle. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and I would do it again if my major allowed it!"

Rachael Luciano
Masters in Physician Assistant Science
Gannon University, USA


“I think that it was really good that it was only three hours a day of class. It really allowed me to make the most of being on holidays and being in Sydney! The short class time allowed me to go to class, study and still enjoy my time here which has been great! If this is what University was and you could always just do one unit at a time for two weeks then life would be pretty great.”

Joanne Bucknall
Bachelor of Psychological Science
ACU Brisbane, Australia