Student loans

US Federal Student Loans

ACU is a ‘Deferment Only’ institution and does not originate and disburse US Federal Student Loans.

ACU can certify deferments for students who have already received US Federal Student Loans. Students who are enrolled on a minimum half-time basis or greater can apply to defer repayments on student loans. You should contact your lender to obtain the appropriate form to be certified by ACU.

Find more information on the US Federal Student Loans website.

US students may still be eligible for private loans whilst studying at ACU.

Private student loans

Students from the United States of America

US Citizens studying outside the USA may be eligible for private loans. Smart Option Student Loan by Sallie Mae® are designed to assist students with funding their education.

Canadian students

GEMS offers a range of loans for Canadian students studying outside Canada. Visit the RBC Royal Credit Line for more information.

If you apply for a GEMS loan, you’ll need to prepare a budget as part of the application process, and you must sign your loan paperwork in person at an RBC Royal Bank branch in Canada.

Indian students

GEMS offers a wide range of services for Indian students through the Credila Indian Student Loan Program. Please visit the GEMS website for more information.