Airport reception

Before you arrive in Australia, ACU can help you arrange a one-way transfer from the airport to your accommodation. This airport reception service is provided by Astra Limousines.


You must submit an Airport Reception Booking Form at least 72 hours (3 working days) before your arrival in order for your airport pickup to be organised and confirmed.

You will need to know your accommodation address before you fill out the airport reception booking form. If any of your arrival details change, please contact your ACU International Student Adviser at least 72 hours before your arrival. Our office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays so if you make a booking on the weekend, your details will be processed the following Monday.

Please remember to bring your airport reception booking reference AND the telephone contact details for your accommodation with you.



If you’ve requested an airport pickup, the following charges will apply, depending on where you’re going:

  • Brisbane airport to city: AUD$95
  • Brisbane airport to ACU Brisbane campus and suburbs up to a 10km radius: AUD$125
  • Melbourne airport: AUD$121
  • Canberra airport: AUD $85-$121
  • Sydney airport: AUD$122.75

This fee includes transport and parking. An extra change for tolls may be added if applicable.

ACU will email an invoice to you at a later date, therefore you do NOT need to pay the driver.

Cancellation charges

If you cancel on the day of your airport booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee of approximately AUD$120. 

Airport information

Access maps and arrival information for Australia's major airports:

Australia has very strict quarantine policies.  Please make sure you don’t bring any prohibited items into Australia.