ACU launches first of its kind project

“ACU students are working with their Indonesian counterparts in a culturally rewarding project that is developing their international marketing skills,” he said. “This project is really the first of its kind and if it proves successful, we plan to initiate similar projects with universities in other countries, such as the United States.”

The project shows how marketing is influenced by a variety of cultural, economic, environmental, legal, technological, logistical and political forces in the global marketplace and forms a significant part of the unit assessment delivered at ACU’s North Sydney Campus.

Dr Marshall said the International Marketing unit places particular emphasis on the emergence of global marketing and patterns of consumption, as well as the need to develop specific strategies and plans for marketing in the international context. ACU students are learning distinct differences in international and domestic marketing strategies and tactics.

“There is huge growth potential in the Indonesian market and this project is giving our students a better cross-cultural understanding of international marketing opportunities with one of our closest neighbours,” Dr Marshall said.