Apply for your student visa

Once you have accepted your offer, ACU will issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). You can use your COE to apply for a Student visa.

Visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for more information on Student visas.

Do I need a Student visa?

Most international students studying in Australia require a student visa. Refer to the visa eligibility information on the DIBP website.

Applying for your student visa

You must apply for your visa through DIBP. Depending on your citizenship and location, you may be eligible to apply online. Many students use the services of an education agent to process their visa application.

You cannot obtain a Student visa without a COE.

DIBP must be satisfied that can meet certain requirements to study in Australia, and that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), before granting you a student visa. To be recognised as a GTE, academic study must be your primary purpose for coming to Australia.

Visa conditions

Student visas have a number of conditions attached to them. Find out more about Student visas and visa conditions.

Family (dependents)

If you intend to bring family members with you to Australia they will be required to travel on a lawful visa. Your nearest Australian Visa Office or the DIBP website can provide you with information on dependent visas.

While you are in Australia, you will be responsible for supporting any dependents (family members). You must pay tuition fees for school-age dependents who study in Australia.