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Daniel Herman

Bachelor of Psychological Science / Master of Psychology (Clinical)

'Not many young men choose a career in counseling and therapy, but I have always found working with people fascinating.'

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Psychology & counselling

Psychology is one of the fastest growing and most diverse professional fields in Australia and around the world. Psychology studies the human mind and behaviour. Studying psychology provides students with a comprehensive understanding of behavioural and mental processes.

Counselling focuses on client’s concerns and difficulties and includes understanding people’s patterns of thoughts, behaviours, feelings and the ways in which these may be problematic in their lives. Studying counselling involves learning how to assist people to develop understanding about themselves and to make changes in their lives.

Why study psychology & counselling at ACU?

ACU staff are practitioners and clinicians who are actively involved in professional associations and community service. They provide extensive expertise in professional practice that supports the training of students.

Our academics are world-class researchers, and with excellent clinic facilities for student practicum and casework, ACU provides a vibrant research culture for students and researchers alike. ACU’s research features prominently in leading international conferences and in peer-reviewed publications. In addition ACU has a number of collaborations with leading international laboratories that provide research exchanges for both staff and students.

Professional recognition

Study areas

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ACU offers a three-year Bachelor of Counselling and a range of postgraduate programs in clinical counselling and child and adolescent counselling.

These programs provide students with knowledge of counselling theories, whilst giving them the practical skills needed to work as a counsellor in a range of professional fields. Students will develop the skills to critically analyse different counselling and psychotherapy models and will gain valuable practical experience through extensive clinical fieldwork placements.

Students will gain a strong understanding of their selves, the community, society and ethical practice. Our graduates enter the workplace with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in the field of counselling.

A range of counselling and human service careers are available, including:

  • Community welfare workers (services such as Centacare, Kinnections, Lifeline)
  • Child safety
  • Child and youth service managers (eg Kids Help Line)
  • Relationships Australia
  • Mission Australia
  • Local community neighbourhood centres
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Regional domestic and family violence services
  • School counselling
  • Government agencies (eg child protection, addiction recovery centres)
  • Crisis counselling centres
  • Private practice
  • Juvenile Justice Officer

Undergraduate   Postgraduate

ACU offers two three-year APAC-accredited undergraduate psychology degrees. The Bachelor of Psychological Science offers a minor sequence in counselling and provides a comprehensive understanding of psychology, including behavioural and mental processes. The Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) includes a minor sequence in arts disciplines.

Students who go on to complete an honours program or a graduate diploma will be eligible for provisional registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

ACU offers a number of postgraduate programs in psychology including masters degrees in professional, clinical, and educational and developmental psychology – giving students the option of following either the 4+2 model, or the 5+1 model to achieve the six years of training as approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour and emotion. They help people to find ways of functioning better in their day-to-day lives. For example, they train people to handle stress and family problems. Clinical psychologists help with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses across the lifespan.

Career paths can include (and will depend on the course studied):

  • Counselling
  • Child welfare and development
  • Community work
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human resources
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Practitioner psychologists
  • Research

Undergraduate   Postgraduate