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Sarah Kalfas

Bachelor of Midwifery

"Working in partnership with women, and helping empower and support them during pregnancy and childbirth in a huge responsibility and a tremendous honour."

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Nursing and midwifery

Do you want to be a competent, ethical clinician, a creative and critical thinker, an independent lifelong learner and a professional nurse?  ACU nursing courses prepare students for work in a variety of healthcare organisations and community settings.

Midwifery goes beyond the birth of babies. Core midwifery skills include managing normal pregnancy and childbirth and providing effective postnatal maternal and newborn care. ACU midwifery graduates will be eligible for endorsement as a midwife upon completion.

Why study nursing and midwifery at ACU?

ACU has been training nurses since the mid-19th century, and today we are the largest provider of graduate nurses in Australia.

The midwifery students’ Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) program gives students (under supervision) the opportunity to engage with and provide support to women during pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postnatal period.

There are a variety of innovative award-winning research projects underway, with opportunities to work with the Nursing Research Institute.

Exceptional facilities include the ACU Health Clinics. Our strong links with healthcare partners, including ACU/partner clinical schools, provide opportunities for clinical placements, community engagement projects and future employment.

Professional recognition

Study areas

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Our nursing courses are known for developing professionals who are caring, adaptable, safe and ethical.

ACU offers a Bachelor of Nursing for entry level students as well as a program for enrolled nurses. In addition, a one-year honours program is available to high-achieving students who have already completed the Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent.

Bachelor of Nursing graduates can pursue a range of careers including:

  • registered nurse
  • medical/surgical nurse
  • paediatric nurse
  • aged care nurse
  • community nurse
  • developmental disability nurse
  • maternal and infant nurse
  • mental health nurse

Dual degrees in nursing and paramedicine, and nursing and business administration, as well as a number of VET pathway courses are also available.

At postgraduate level ACU offers courses in clinical nursing and a Master of Nursing (Practice Inquiry). Graduates of our postgraduate nursing courses will increase their employment opportunities in government or private healthcare, education and research.

Undergraduate   Postgraduate

Current mental health postgraduate programs in Australia focus on either the acute mental healthcare setting or are generic courses. ACU’s Master of Mental Health (Nursing) has been developed as a course specifically for clinicians entering into the specialist area of mental health. Graduates will be able to work at a specialist/advanced level across a range of settings including acute care, community mental health and psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery services.

There has been a recent shift in focus in the mental health arena from acute inpatient treatment to that of recovery-oriented practice. The Master of Mental Health (Nursing) (and embedded graduate diploma and graduate certificate) provides opportunities for the workforce – particularly those engaged in psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery focused services, to build the required knowledge, skills and competencies.

ACU’s Mental Health (Nursing) programs are the first mental health programs in Australia to be involved in accreditation of postgraduate mental health nursing with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Inc. (ACMHN).

Our postgraduate mental health (nursing) programs are ideal for new graduates of nursing and for those working in mental health but who have no formal postgraduate mental health qualifications. As a postgraduate qualification is a requirement for employment beyond entry level in the mental health setting and for credentialing as a mental health nurse with the ACMHN, nurses undertaking their graduate year are encouraged to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health.

Examples of potential employment roles include:

  • Clinician
  • Case manager/worker
  • Team leader
  • Service manager
  • Triage manager
  • Psychiatric consultation and liaison nurse

The course structure involves carefully designed coursework units with embedded research-led teaching, delivering evidence-based knowledge and practice for immediate application/translation in the workplace.  It offers a coursework or thesis pathway.


A midwife is a health professional trained to assist women during pregnancy, childbirth and the early parenting period.

ACU offers a Bachelor of Midwifery for entry level students and registered nurses or paramedics, and an ‘Away-from Base’ program for Indigenous women – as well as a one-year honours program for high-achieving students. Bachelor of Midwifery students will do over 1,000 hours of midwifery clinical practice throughout the course in hospital and community settings.

The Bachelor of Midwifery is for those who want to become registered midwives and work in maternity settings such as hospitals, birth centres and other community agencies.

ACU’s midwifery course will teach you how to:

  • manage normal pregnancy and childbirth
  • provide effective postnatal, maternal and newborn care to women and their newborn infant
  • provide safe and reliable care that meets the individual psychological, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs of women.

Possible career paths include:

  • registered midwife within maternity settings
  • consultant midwife
  • clinical specialist
  • antenatal educator
  • researcher
  • family care
  • independent midwifery practitioner