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Bachelor of Media and Communications

"ACU has helped me realise how much I enjoy making films, and that finding a career in this field is possible."

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ACU’s arts courses incorporate a diverse range of discipline areas including:

  • Economics and business communications
  • History and politics
  • International development and global studies
  • Literature, creative and visual arts
  • Media and digital journalism
  • Society and youth

We offer pathway courses, bachelor degrees, PHDs and masters by research degrees.

Why study arts at ACU?

Create your own unique journey by choosing from one of our specialist arts degrees. With our diverse range of subject areas, you can find a course that matches your passion with your career ambitions.

Our industry placements allow you to gain hands-on experience in community settings, giving you the skills and knowledge to advance your career. State-of-the-art facilities at ACU include working art studios and galleries, sound and video production studios, and multimedia facilities.

Our Bachelor of Arts program gives you choice and flexibility - with more than 20 different specialisations to choose from plus the ability to select units from other areas such as business studies, psychology, philosophy, study of religions, and theological studies.

Bachelor of Arts Scholars Program (NEW IN 2016)

High-achieving students are invited to participate in our scholars program. The program provides Bachelor of Arts students with a number of exciting opportunities, including the opportunity to receive one on one mentoring from an academic expert in their chosen major discipline. Students in the program will become part of a vibrant research culture at undergraduate level and be well prepared to undertake significant future research at university and/or in the workplace.

Professional recognition

Study areas

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Our courses in economics and business/communications are tailored to the needs of the contemporary business environment. You will learn business studies, economics and communication, while gaining knowledge and skills in your choice of humanities, liberal arts and social science.

As a graduate of economics and business/communications you will possess a developed skill set in managing and communicating knowledge, critical analysis and systematic thinking.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of Arts (Business and Communication Studies)
Your business communication skills and expertise in humanities, liberal arts or social science could lead to a career in public relations, journalism, arts administration, business administration, government, finance or banking.

Bachelor of Arts major in Economics
Combine an economics specialisation with humanities, business or social science studies, and your future could lie in commodities markets, business administration, economic forecasting or policy development, banking, tourism, journalism, foreign affairs or resource and environmental management.


The need to participate in the global economy, to work across cultural boundaries and celebrate difference makes it imperative that people learn in and about the global context -- and how to foster change.

Masters degrees
Master of Global Learning and Leadership
This course is designed for professionals interested in fostering change in ways that work across cultural horizons in their workplaces, professions, industries and their own working lives. The course attracts students working as professionals and managers in education, health, social welfare, religion, non-government organisations, government agencies and business and industry.

As the only program of its kind offered in Australia, students enrol and learn in a unique intercontinental masters program. It is offered through a four-country partnership with the University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Western Cape (South Africa) and Linkoping University (Sweden).


The History and in Political Science at ACU was recently ranked to be 'world class' by the Australian government's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment exercise in 2015.

You can major in politics or history as part of our Bachelor of Arts degree, which has more than 20 majors to choose from. Studying at ACU will see you expand your knowledge, develop your passion, and forge a rewarding career in this space.

Read more about the majors of the Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of Arts major in History
History at ACU was judged 'world-class' in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) review in 2012. Learn from the best through an undergraduate or higher degree research option. You will be introduced to the nature of historical thinking and will develop skills in the analysis, synthesis and understanding of evidence in order to study how historians interpret and write about the past.

Bachelor of Arts major in Politics, or major in Politics and International Relations
In this major you will study key areas - international relations, Asia, and Australia's evolving role in the world. You will learn how particular societies and persons develop structures and arrangements to resolve the problems of conflict, resource allocation and culture. During the course you will have the opportunity to examine theories, institutional arrangements, issues and cultural factors that affect the decision-making process. Our units speak to real-world political issues from democratisation, terrorism, and refugees, to global climate change.

Upon graduating you can work in government, NGOs, diplomacy, and the corporate sector.


Do you have a passion for international study? Our courses in international development and global studies will give you the opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience by studying in Australia and completing an overseas study tour or internship.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of International Development Studies
You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to work for organisations that aim to improve the lives of some of the world's most disadvantaged people. A key feature of this course is the immersion experience in the third year of the program. This experience will expose you to the people, life and culture of communities in a developing country and provide you vital practical knowledge in the field.

Double degrees
Expand your horizons and become globally aware. The Bachelor of Global Studies is offered as part of a range of dual degrees.

Bachelor of Applied Public Health/Bachelor of Global Studies
This course will guide you towards an international career in aid work. You will enhance your global knowledge and skills with a period of study abroad where you will learn about other countries and their public health sectors.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Global Studies
Follow your dreams as a diplomat, humanitarian worker or journalist, or work in social entrepreneurship, international relations or tourism.

Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Global Studies
This course will allow you to combine business know-how with an understanding of the social, political, cultural, environmental and economic factors shaping the world.

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Global Studies
You will enhance your commerce specialisation with an understanding of the social, political, cultural, environmental and economic changes shaping the world.

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Global Studies
After completing this course you will be able to extend the context in which you consider legal issues - politically, historically, philosophically and economically.

Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Global Studies
This course will give you a heighted understanding of the social, political, cultural, environmental and economic changes shaping the world we live in.

The global studies programs include a semester of study abroad at one of our 70 partner universities around the world.


If you're creative, have great communication skills and want a successful career that uses your imagination and lets you think outside the box, a career in literature or creative and visual arts is perfect for you.

Become part of the vibrant community at ACU and participate in writing and design competitions throughout your course, or have your work exhibited in ACU's public galleries. By working with expert practitioners and award-winning teachers, you will develop the necessary skills to make a living in the creative arts sector, and gain exposure to the best in contemporary art.

ACU offers an environment where creative people come together to explore their passions and unlock their potential. There are some great opportunities for you to work closely with students from related courses and get involved in all aspects of bringing a story to life on stage, in a studio, on screen, in print, or via digital media.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of Creative Arts
You can choose to specialise in drama, literature, media, music or visual arts. While studying you can enhance your professional opportunities through ACU's community engagement activities and partnerships - so you enter the workforce with documented experience and evidence of creative capabilities and achievements.

Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design
Explore a variety of media while fostering your individual abilities and talents. Throughout the course, you will obtain a balanced mix of studio-based fine art, graphic design, new media and art and design history and theory. You will be introduced to a range of opportunities in visual arts through our individually tailored internship programs to heighten workplace skills. You will also have the opportunity to study overseas in the United Kingdom, America or Italy.

Bachelor of Arts
You can choose to do a major or minors in drama, literature, media, music or visual arts, depending on your interests. This course allows you to design your own program to reflect your passions and career aspirations.


ACU's media and digital journalism courses have been designed to give graduates the edge in gaining a successful career in this space.

Our programs explore and develop the ways that individuals, groups and societies interact via verbal, textual, audio and visual communication. You will study digital journalism through our Bachelor of Arts degree.

When it comes to career opportunities in the media and digital space, the sky is the limit. Whether you aspire to be an advertising professional, animator, journalist, television producer, film, television or radio presenter, or another role in the industry - ACU provides support and state-of-the-art facilities to help you achieve your career goals.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of Digital Media
This course will enable students to work across a broad range of careers by developing skills in video and audio production, social media production and journalism/text production to meet the demands of today's exciting and fast changing media industry.

Bachelor of Arts major in Digital Journalism
You will acquire important practical skills and discover the role that journalism plays in supporting and promoting social justice and global issues.


Our courses provide a way for you to work with people from different backgrounds and social needs within the community. Develop your understanding of the relationship between individuals, community and society. Gain an insight into human social behaviour, organisations and youth.

While completing the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Youth Work at ACU, you will be presented with a wide range of practical placements, mentorship opportunities and research projects. These are available through our existing community involvement and our strong links with schools, Catholic education offices, not-for-profit and other government and private organisations.

Whether your interest lies in society and or youth, we believe in the importance of community service and a willingness to participate in society.

Bachelor degrees
Bachelor of Arts
You can choose to do a major or minors in youth work, sociology, psychology or healthy development depending on your interests This course will provide you with the theoretical insights and practical competencies to play a creative role in a variety of public and community-based settings.

Bachelor of Youth Work
You will meet the challenges and demands of young people in a range of public and community-based settings and will be able to develop effective prevention and intervention strategies to confront the issues they face.