Fees and payments

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment and number of other factors.

Each eligible enrolment may impact your access to further government subsidised training. Tuition fee waivers/exemptions are available to eligible students. For courses at Certificate IV and below levels concession fees are available for eligible students.

The student’s options for paying tuition fees may include:

  • Payment by the student as fees become due or
  • A VET student loan

Further details about the fees and payment options will be provided in the Offer Letter. For more information and additional charges please refer to Fees, charges and refunds policy and procedure.

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The training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding for eligible candidates.

In order to be an Eligible Individual in respect of any training, an individual must be:

a) either:

  • an Australian citizen;
  • a holder of a permanent visa; or
  • a New Zealand citizen;

b) enrolling and commencing training in a course or qualification provided by ACU in the current year; and

c) either:

  • under 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and enrolling in nationally recognised training;
  • over 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and enrolling in nationally recognised training in a Foundation Skills List course;
  • over 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and enrolling in nationally recognised training as an Apprentice (not Trainee);
  • over 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and enrolling in training in the Victorian Certificate of Education or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate or Senior); or
  • over 20 years of age (as at 1 January in the year of commencement of training) and enrolling in nationally recognised training in a course that is at a higher qualification level than the highest qualification held at the time of the scheduled commencement of training.

Form more information regarding eligibility please refer to Skills First.

2015 Course fees

2016 Course fees

2017 Course fees

Certificate III in Education Support is delivered with Queensland and Commonwealth Government funding for eligible candidates. Please read Certificate 3 Guarantee information to check your eligibility.

2016 Course fees

2016 Certificate III in Education Support fees

2016 Certificate IV in Education Support fees

2017 Course fees

The training is delivered as full fee services for all candidates. Corporate clients may contact the office for details.

2017 Course fees

VSL is a Commonwealth Government student loans program that replaces VET FEE-HELP scheme, to give eligible students access to quality Diploma and higher level VET qualifications.

The loan will remain a personal debt until it is repaid to the Commonwealth. The loan may, until the debt is repaid, reduce a student’s take-home (after-tax) wage or salary and may reduce the borrowing capacity.

The amount of HELP debt a student would accrue if the student received the maximum amount of VET student loan for the course could be up to 120% of the loan.

A student may wish to seek independent financial advice before applying for a loan.


  • Students must have Year 12 or Certificate IV and above qualification certificate or achieve a ACSF Exit level 3 in ACUcom VSL Test; and
  • FEE-HELP balance must be greater than zero; and
  • an Australian citizen; or
  • hold a permanent humanitarian visa and usually reside in Australia; or
  • a qualifying New Zealand citizen

Loan caps

Course code

Course title

Loan cap up to


Diploma of Nursing



Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care



Diploma of Leadership and Management


How to apply

  1. Read the VSL Student Information Booklet.
  2. Check the eligibility and bring proof of the eligibility on the day of enrolment.
  3. Have the TFN ready. If you don’t have a TFN, you can obtain a Certificate of application for a TFN. This certificate is available from the ATO after you have applied for a TFN. If you get a Certificate of application for a TFN, you are required to upload it to your eCAF before you submit.
  4. Enrol in the selected course and indicate you wish to access a VET Student Loan.
  5. ACUcom will then give the department your enrolment information with nearest census date.
  6. You will then receive an email from the department allowing you to sign into the eCAF system. Once you sign-in, you will need to verify the pre-populated information and complete the mandatory fields. You can then submit the eCAF, which will cause the system to email you a copy of your completed form. You must give this form to ACUcom within one week.
  7. If you do not complete the eCAF, or other permitted form, by the required date for your course, you will have to wait until the next study period.


  • Repaying the loan is required when your income reaches the repayment threshold. The threshold can be found at www.studyassist.gov.au.


  • You will be required to demonstrate you are progressing throughout your course.
  • From 1 July 2017, you will be required to log in online twice during the year and acknowledge that you accept the loan you will receive for the course.

Census day

The census day is the last day you can:

  • complete the eCAF to access a VET Student Loan, or
  • withdraw your enrolment without incurring the cost or debt for that course

Your tuition fee will be spread across three fee periods and each fee period will contain at least one census day.

Withdrawal process

If a student withdraws before the census day for a course or part of a course, the student will not incur a VET student loan debt for the course or part of the course and will receive a refund for any tuition fees already paid for the course or part of the course. Please refer to Policy 10: Academic Integrity and Progress Policy and Procedure for withdrawal process.

Statement of Tuition Assurance

ACU is covered by Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) Australian Student Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS). Please refer to Policy 7:VET Tuition Assurance Policy and Procedure for further details.

Current VET FEE-HELP Students

Existing students will be given the opportunity to continue their studies under the existing VET FEE-HELP arrangements for units with census dates to 31 December 2017. Students currently financing their studies through a VET FEE-HELP loan will not be automatically transferred to the new VET Student Loans program. Students will need to opt-in, letting the department know they wish to continue under the current arrangements. For more information about VET FEE-HELP, please refer to VET FEE-HELP Policies and Procedures.

What do students need to do to opt-in?

Students will be sent an email or letter from the department for each course, if they have accessed a VET FEE-HELP loan. The letter will contain the information required for the student to opt-in for each course. After you receive the letter from the department please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the VET FEE-HELP opt-in portal https://ecaf.education.gov.au/vfh
  2. Sign in using the passkey number provided from your email/letter and your Date of Birth
  3. Check the prefilled details and complete the form
  4. Press the submit button
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you which will confirm the opt-in process has been accepted
  6. Please provide the confirmation to ACUcom either in person or by email to fee.acucom@acu.edu.au so that you can continue to receive VET FEE HELP

It is important for an enrolled student to notify ACUcom of any change of contact details. For further information about VET Student Loans please visit www.studyassist.gov.au.

2015 Census dates for Diploma of Nursing 2015 (PDF, 698KB)

2015 Census dates for Diploma of Nursing 2015 (continuing)

2016 Census dates for Nursing and Early Childhood

2017 Census dates for Nursing and Early Childhood

For any further information about fees, funding and VET Student Loans please email fee.acucom@acu.edu.au or contact us on 03 9230 8022.