The purpose of Twitter is to share short and simple messages (‘Tweets’) with the intended audience. Tweets can be up to 140 characters. Where Facebook profiles/pages have ‘likes’, Twitter has ‘followers’.

Our domestic ACU Twitter account is located at

Twitter uses ‘mentions’ and ‘hashtags' to connect with other users/profiles:

  • Mentions – when an @ sign is followed by a username; it becomes a link to a Twitter profile, e.g. @ACUMedia.
  • Tags – when a # is used before a relevant keyword or phrase; Tweets are categorised to showcase trending topics, e.g. #uniexams.

The people you choose to follow impact the validity of the tool. It is recommended that you follow users relevant to your subject area and/or users associated with ACU.

Include a bio based on the purpose of the page and intended audience. There are only 160 characters available and keywords should be used to improve Twitter search results.

Regular interaction

To ensure the viability of the tool and to promote interest amongst users, the following suggestions apply:
• A minimum of one ‘Tweet’ per day.
• A maximum of three ‘Tweets’ per day.

Image sizes

Profile header 1200 x 600 pixels (max. 5MB)
Background 1260 x 895 pixels