LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. It is used as a networking tool to connect with colleagues, clients and other business contacts.

Our domestic ACU LinkedIn account is located at

Individual LinkedIn accounts
These refer to the accounts individuals design to display their work experience, education history, skills and expertise.

LinkedIn groups act as professional forums/conversations where members can communicate and access information. Every group has an owner, manager and/or moderator.

Company Pages
LinkedIn Company Pages are used by individuals to:

  • explore company information and receive industry news
  • research products/services and learn about job opportunities.

LinkedIn Company Pages are used by companies to:

  • highlight products/services
  • engage with followers
  • share career opportunities.

Creating a group
All LinkedIn groups should be developed underneath the domestic ACU account. The Digital Strategy team within Marketing and Communications is responsible for creating a group and assigning users as managers. Requests should be sent to Users and managers must have their own personal LinkedIn profile to join/manage a group.

Managers will only be able to access/edit the groups they are assigned to.

Ongoing requirements
Managers/moderators should regularly browse through group communication and delete inappropriate content or flag content to follow-up.
Managers/moderators of each group are responsible for inviting and approving requests to join the group.

Start a discussion/share information – this is similar to making a post or status update in Facebook.

Suggested interaction:

  • A minimum of one discussion per week.
  • A maximum of five discussions per week.

Polls – conducting a poll and supplying up to five answer choices.

Suggested interaction:

  • A minimum of one poll per week.

Announcements – similar to sending group emails.

Suggested interaction:

  • A maximum of three announcements per week.

Invitations – these can be made to LinkedIn members and those not currently on LinkedIn.

Suggested interaction:

  • Prospective members should be invited no more than three times, and no more than once per week.