Reply parameters

Communication via social media should always protect the University’s reputation – comments should be appropriate and users should have the authority to communicate the relevant information.

Generally, users should respond publicly to public comments. Questions answered may help others navigate to the correct information.
If in doubt – check proposed replies with your supervisor.

Answering/redirecting questions
The majority of replies will be answering questions/directing individuals to the appropriate contact or information. Individuals should be addressed personally, and where possible, include a link to the relevant content.

Responding to comments/suggestions
Communication may be in the form of comments or suggestions. Where possible, they should be acknowledged.

Communication not directed at ACU
Users may post information regarding lost possessions, items for sale or general local area questions. If the communication is not specifically directed at ACU, administrators do not need to reply. However, administrators should browse through such communications and associated replies to ensure content is suitable.

Spam refers to unsolicited material and may come in the form of:

  • posts/comments
  • advertisements
  • financial opportunities
  • links
  • invitations
  • friend requests.

Spam is an ongoing issue that may infiltrate social media channels at any time. Contributors/administrators should monitor for spam, deleting content and blocking/deleting repetitive offenders when necessary/appropriate.

Negative content 
If the content is:

  • aggressive – do not respond, report the content
  • misguided – respond with corrections
  • an issue – guide issue to the appropriate contact for follow-up.

To maximise credibility, negative comments should not be deleted unless content:

  • is likely to provoke, attack or offend others
  • is racist, sexist, sexually explicit or abusive
  • contains swear words or other language likely to offend
  • breaks the law or encourages unlawful activity
  • links to unsuitable external web sites.

Records (screenshots/copies) of deleted comments should be kept as a reference.