The people you meet in an exam room – Superhero style

Businessman wearing a superhero cape looking over a city

The Black Widow

This world class athlete has the stamina and speed we all desire when sitting an exam. A Black Widow will churn out an essay with the ease and agility of a black belt. Not only will they complete the exam with finesse but they will finish early! How they finish before the rest of the room finishes question three is a mystery.

The Thor

A Thor can do major damage breaking the silence of an exam room. This person is masterful with their hammer (a.k.a their pen) but they are also extremely loud with it – scribbling and tapping as they write. No matter how stressed a Thor sounds, you know their frantic writing means focus on smashing this exam, so don’t be too hard on them.

The Captain America

A Captain America is the over-achiever in the room. They are competitive and set super high standards, and they finish an exam with three or four booklets full of essays, which definitely trumps your one booklet responses. You will find a Captain America waiting happily out the back, post-exam, ready to share their responses and make you feel certain that your answer for question six was completely wrong (even though you probably aced it)!

The Iron Man

An Iron Man’s got skills! They are the ideas man or woman in the room and their brain is exploding with great responses to every essay question. But most of the time, there is never enough time to get all those great ideas on paper. The Iron Man’s kryptonite is the examiner … 'pens down' anyone?

The Hulk

Considered as one of the greatest minds on earth (or in your lecture hall), the Hulk is the one who you know is perfectly prepared and ready for the test. Where the Hulk of comic book world gets stronger with anger, an exam room Hulk thrives on the knowledge foundation they have laid out in the weeks prior to the exam, making everyone green with envy.