Making the most of summer break

Summer break has to be one of the most awaited times in the University calendar. It’s the three months off where time is spent doing whatever you want to do until Semester 1 2017 rolls around.

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year is only a couple of days away, it’s definitely time to start locking in a couple of things to do during the rest of your break. If you’re struggling for ideas for things to do, here are some must dos for the break.

Chill at the beach

The best way to escape the Australian summer is definitely by spending your days by the water. While some of you might prefer a swim at the local pool, heading to the coast for the day isn’t a bad option. Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so why wouldn’t you get make a beach day a priority this summer break. PSA: Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

Designated couch time

With hours on end of free time (unless you’re working or of course catching up with your friends), sit down, relax and do a massive marathon with your favourite TV shows and movies. Now’s the time to catch up without the guilt of knowing you should be studying. Challenge: watch an entire season in one day, because #yolo.

Read a book

You know that pile of book sitting on your shelf that you have always wanted to read but never had the time? Guess what? With another two months before uni is back, it’s definitely the perfect time to start reading them. Why wouldn’t you take some time out to pick up that new book everyone is talking about? Then again reading one of your favs again might not be a bad idea either – there’s definitely enough time to read the whole Harry Potter series again right?

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Study + assignments + exams + placement = practically no social life

Take full advantage of your free time this uni break and catch up with your friends. In case you’re stuck on things to do you could plan brunches, lunches and dinners or organise some day trips and adventures to the beach or park. It’s time to get creative – your squad will love it.

’Work, work, work…’

This summer doesn’t have to be all about relaxing, use your three month break from uni as an opportunity to gain some work experience in your chosen industry or give back to the community. Look into applying for an internship or even volunteer at a charity. For most of you the summer break means getting back to work. If you don’t already have work lined up, the break is the perfect time to get job ready. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for your first full time job (YAY for graduating) or you’re just looking for a bit of part time work during the break, it’s definitely the time to start cleaning up that CV and begin applying.


The festive season is renowned for overindulging, so the summer break is the perfect time to get those muscles moving and get a healthy dose of exercise. You don’t need to hit the gym in a fitness frenzy, just make sure you’re keeping active – go for a swim or a long walk with your friends or try something different … rock climbing anyone?

Take a trip

A big overseas trip may not be on the cards for you this uni break but for those lucky ones who are heading overseas everyone is totally jealous. There’s two months left and that’s definitely enough time to get away before you start the new semester. Why not jump in the car and head to the coast, pick up a cheap flight to Melbourne to do some shopping or go camping for the week? If you’re as lucky as Alex (an ACU student studying abroad in Canada) you may even be able to take a quick trip to New York one weekend.


The ultimate thing to do on your uni break. Sleep is super important and throughout the semester, you often don’t get the required amount due to study, assignments, exams and work. So, take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in while you can!