Essentials for starting semester right

The first week of uni after a break is always tough… 8am lectures, getting back into a routine, study sessions and those dreaded assignments isn’t an easy adjustment. So we have put together a list of essentials to have on hand to help you get back into the swing of student life.

  1. That first cup of coffee before heading to class

    We are all guilty of sometimes overdoing that much needed caffeine hit but we’ll forgive you for needing that something extra in your first week back. Just make sure you balance it out with plenty of H2O and a good night’s sleep.

    Note: we haven’t forgotten about our non-coffee drinking students; try a hot chocolate or a tea to pick you up before that gruelling day of classes.

  2. Stock up on stationary

    Gets to uni on time. Has time to grab a coffee. Finds a seat in the lecture and pulls out notebook   can’t find a pen and mild panic sets in! Don’t be that person. Head to your fav store and stock up on plenty stationary: you will thank us at the end of semester when you still have one pen left.

  3. Get organised

    Know your timetable ✓
    Assessments deadlines locked into your planner ✓
    Key dates and events in your calendar ✓

    If you can say yes to all of the above you’re ready to go for a successful semester. If not…well, get planning!

    WARNING: the side effects of disorganisation include an allergic reaction to the universe.

  4. Pick your placements

    Be proactive! It might seem early but why not start planning out where you might like to complete your placement or internship? Start putting together your research now so that when the time comes you have an idea of what you want to do.

  5. Keep your laptop fully charged

    You’re sitting in a lecture and your screen goes black. 😱 😭 If only you’d remembered to put your laptop on charge. Make sure you set an alarm to charge your laptop before you doze off… or that Netflix marathon might come back to haunt you in that lecture the next day.

  6. Remember to take a break

    TV timeouts, trawling through your holiday snaps, brunches, gym sessions, Pokémon hunting or maybe a little shopping. Everyone needs a good balance between uni, work and play (even in week one). Treat yourself, but don’t fall into the procrastination trap!

  7. Get your squad together

    Catch up with your friends from last semester and maybe even reach out to some new ones. You shouldn’t spend the semester trying to get through lunches, group assignments and last minuet study sessions all by yourself. Let your uni squad help you take on this semester one assignment at a time.

  8. Sort your transport

    Get your travel cards out and reloaded. Have a plan of attack for tackling the quickest route to campus. Remember that squad we just talked about? Why not carpool with them and if you are driving to campus – sort your parking before you leave. We all know traffic isn’t fun but that doesn’t mean the car ride has to be boring either.

  9. Stock up on snacks

    If you aren’t fully energised for the day then can you really function? Make sure you have some healthy snacks in your bag to get you through. But it won’t hurt to occasionally throw in a sweet treat either.