Campus cast members

We know stereotyping others isn’t a great habit – it’s close-minded and a smidge judgmental. But spend some time on a uni campus and you’re going to come across a couple of key cast members. Here are our top picks.

The ‘Amy Farrah Fowler’

Most people have boundaries. This person doesn’t. You’ll normally meet an Amy through a mutual friend, but before you know it, you’re their BFF. You’ll be eating lunch together every day, catching rides to campus and be invited to everything. Friends may not come easily to an Amy, but when they do, you’re onboard for life.

Amy Farrah Fowler gif

The ‘Dan Humphrey’

A Dan is different to most of the people you’ll meet at uni. They’re preoccupied and passionate, and aren’t that interested in living the traditional uni experience. You meet them early on when you know nobody else. Labelled #lonelyboy, a Dan doesn’t feel the need to “fit in”. After O-Week you smile at a Dan across the campus or in a lecture, but on the whole they remain a mystery.

Dan Humphre gif

The ‘Ferris Bueller’

You get stressed out just looking at this person. A Ferris Bueller cruises through class, they party ‘til 4am the night before an exam and you don’t think you’ve ever even seen them at a lecture (let alone a tute). It’s a miracle if they’re passing, so let’s use them as an example of what not to do. But they aren’t all bad – a Ferris will give you some memorable moments at uni.

Ferris Bueller gif

The ‘Sheldon Cooper’

Get in an academic debate with a Sheldon and you’ll think an alien subbed out your brain with cheese. This person will be hunched over a laptop disproving whatever theory your lecturer has just put forward. Sometimes it’s frustrating, but don’t be too harsh – getting in a group assignment with a Sheldon is like winning the lottery.

Sheldon Cooper gif

The ‘Charlotte’

Pressed and dressed, a Charlotte is like the mum of the group. She may give you a few lectures about not studying enough, but under her love of rules she’s sweet, positive and optimistic. If you’re ever feeling down, this is who you turn to for advice.

Charlotte gif

The ‘Ross Gellar’

Never underestimate a Ross, they are the king of nifty shortcuts. This person is going to find you the best deals around campus, ensure you make the most of student deals, and find every single life hack imaginable.

Ross Gellar gif

The ‘Louis Litt’

This person is motivated and competitive – a Louis will pour their blood, sweat and tears into winning and they hate being left out of anything. One thing’s for sure, go up against them in a debate or Uni Games and you’re going to get “Litt Up”.

Louis Litt gif

The ‘Lisa Simpson’

A Lisa can be found espousing her views and standing her ground in vegan footwear. But we love them and their vintage-clad friends. If you’re passionate enough to protest for what you believe in and stand up for the rights of others, you’re okay by us.

Lisa Simpson gif

The ‘Zoolander’

Regardless of your level of fitness or grooming abilities, a Zoolander will make you feel like an unkempt sloth in comparison. Everyone on campus gives them a second glance – it’s hard not too when they are just so ridiculously good looking.

Zoolander gif

The ‘Ronald Weasley’

They’re the Nutella to your cronut. Your BFF. You have ‘bro moments’, ‘are just like sisters’, or ‘feel like you’ve known each other forever’. Whatever it is, you’ve hit friendship gold. You might become roommates or hit the pubs together – either way you’ll share some of the best years of your lives.

Ronald Weasley gif