5 really real uni realities

It’s a new semester! Maybe this is your first time at uni or you’ve recently come back from a blissful three month holiday – but here are a few really real uni truths it pays to be prepared for.

  1. 8am lectures

    Over the holidays, you’ve probably become accustomed to a nocturnal lifestyle. 8am may not sound THAT bad, but when you consider the fact you were probably up until 2am enjoying student life, it’s a pretty early start. But hey, grab a strong coffee and remember mornings are the most beautiful time of the day!

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  2. Readings

    Surely you don’t actually have to read all of this, do you? Well, the truth is no one is going to call your mum if you don’t, but it’s probably a good idea. Why? Because those text books are full of useful info – and the pesky thing about uni is that info will probably end up coming in handy for a test or an assignment.

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  3. Group work

    We know, we know – no one likes group work. You either get someone who doesn’t pull their weight or someone who is a control-freak. But the reality is that in the real-world (your career) you are going to have to teamwork the heck out of life pretty much every day. Focus on the positive.

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  4. That gap between the tute and the lecture

    There’s more competition at class allocation than there is at the Olympics. Everyone has the same dream – to cram an entire timetable into 2 days on campus. And despite your killer screen refresh skills, you might end up with ‘the gap’. But it’s not all bad – it’s a great chance to study or hang with friends.

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  5. Procrastination

    It’s practically a calling. There might be people out there who don’t procrastinate, but we’ve never met them. Facing a particularly difficult assignment you’re likely to check social media 100 times, memorise the contents of your fridge and stream every series on Netflix. But don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s all part of the process.

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