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Social Media House Rules

We love our followers and encourage you to engage with us by posting comments, photos, videos and links. However, we expect you not to post anything offensive or derogatory, and to remain appropriate at all times.

While we respect everyone's opinion, we reserve the right to review all content and edit or delete any content we deem to be offensive, discriminatory, profane, indecent, slanderous, obscene, soliciting, threatening or illegal, and block any users who post such content.

Please do not post material that could be considered an infringement on the rights of others.

Ensure you protect your privacy online. It is important that you do not share any personal information, such as your student ID, phone number or email address, on social media. It is essential you exercise caution and maintain your privacy online.

Our social media channels are for everyone to enjoy, so if you're concerned about communications made on any of our channels, please report them to the appropriate channel or email:

Page last updated: 15 Dec 2015

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