Researchers call for students to become ‘critical players’ in own learning

Thursday, 4 August 2016

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Researchers and teachers will come together to collaborate on the latest advancements in assessment at the 2016 RICA to be held in Brisbane this September.

Leading education experts have declared students are “the most critical players” in their own assessment for learning, with researchers supporting a shift towards greater student involvement to support classroom teachers.

Professor Joy Cumming, Research Director (Assessment and Student Learning) at the Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA) at Australian Catholic University (ACU), said advancement in classroom technology was simplifying complex processes that resulted in engaged students and better-informed teachers.

“Students are the most critical players in their own learning, with the introduction of technology in the classroom, enhancing the ability of students to contribute to all aspects of their learning, including assessment,” Professor Cumming said.

“Modern tools such as a tablet can be used to create digital records of a student’s progress, capturing complex assessment evidence in a simple and engaging manner, providing classroom teachers with real-time updates and feedback. Students themselves can take charge of this activity.”

Researchers and teachers will come together to collaborate on the latest advancements in assessment at the 2016 Research and Innovation in Classroom Assessment (RICA) Conference to be held in Brisbane this September.

The conference format will facilitate discussions between leading international and Australian researchers, policy makers and classroom teachers from around the country.

Professor Cumming said collaboration was vital to ensure outcomes can have tangible results in the classroom for students and teachers.

“The standard by which we judge successful assessment research is how it can be incorporated into policy, and how it can be integrated into the classroom and delivered by our teachers,” Professor Cumming said.

“This makes collaboration a critical element. Collaboration is the overarching theme of the RICA Conference, providing a platform for key stakeholders in the assessment for learning lifecycle to share innovative practices and contribute to the development of a better system for our students.”

Assessment experts from North America, Asia, Europe and Africa will bring a distinctly international perspective to the conference.

The 2016 RICA: International Perspectives Conference takes place from 21-23 September in Brisbane, hosted by the LSIA. Teachers are encouraged to attend and be part of the discussion.

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