How would you respond to a critical incident?

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Try out the new brain-control technology at upcoming Open Days in Canberra and Ballarat.

Mind-controlled technology that can sense a person’s reaction to a critical incident will be on show at Australian Catholic University (ACU) Open Day in Canberra on Saturday 27 August and Ballarat on Sunday 28 August.

The new technology is the latest experience on offer to the thousands of Australians who will be flocking to university open days across the country between July and September this year.

People who trial the Neuromedic experience at ACU’s Open Day will find themselves as the leading paramedic at the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Neuromedic detects the brain’s instinctive responses to prompts within the narrative to determine what happens to two injured patients.

As users are given options on how to respond, Neuromedic monitors their stress levels to determine how the scenario will play out.

Digital agency Isobar has developed the Neuromedic ‘mind-over-matter’ interactive simulation for ACU in a first for Australian universities.

ACU Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Cameron McPherson said the Neuromedic game-like experience was a unique way to demonstrate the sort of high-pressure situation paramedics face in the course of their work.

“This is a clever and engaging way to experience the sorts of serious situations people might encounter as paramedics, or as nurses and other specialists,” Mr McPherson said.

“Neuromedic illustrates how a person’s composure and ability to remain calm in this type of scenario could lead to better outcomes for the patients.

“Our students are trained extensively to deal with anything from emergencies to more routine incidents. ACU’s close industry ties and practical experience provide them with essential skills for the workplace,” he said.

Neuromedic is one of a number of activities at Open Day when prospective students and friends and family can explore the University. Open Day is an opportunity to learn about study options and how ACU can support their career goals.

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