How to make the most of Open Day

Thursday, 1 September 2016

ACU Open Day university choice Open Day is about you

Planning on attending North Sydney Open Day this weekend? Find out how to get to campus and make the most of your day.

Open Day gives prospective students a chance to really weigh up the options available and it’s important you check out the place where you will spend at least the next three years of your life.

Before you attend Open Day, check out the course guide and course requirements – you can find them on our website. Many questions you want to ask about the course and ACU will be answered there.

ACU National AskACU Manager Whitney Smith says Open Day is designed to give you the opportunity to ask questions that can’t be answered online.

“Make sure you talk to as many staff members and students as possible,” says Ms Smith, “you will be spending a lot of time this new environment so it is really important to visit and get an accurate idea of what it would be like.

“Talk to the current students who are at Open Day, as they are your best bet into understanding student life, like you they were weighing up study options not so long ago and they probably had many of the same questions.

“It can be inspiring hearing about students’ experiences – it makes coming to university a lot less daunting.”

Have some questions ready beforehand, to make sure you don’t forget to ask anything on the day itself.

“Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Like: ‘All universities offer exercise science – so why should I choose ACU?’ Or: ‘I’m thinking of applying to UNSW and they do x or y – how does that compare?’ We won’t hold it against you, far from it. It shows that you are a serious candidate,” Ms Smith said.

“And you don’t want to miss out on information sessions about student support services and resources, overseas study opportunities, and sporting opportunities. They will give you a great picture of life outside the lecture theatre.

“Also, be sure to take notes and photos as you make your way around campus; these will help jog your memory two months later when you’ve been to several universities.”

ACU has a new app that allows visitors to create their personalised itinerary for the day. It includes the Open Day program, things to see, and the venue map. The app also enables interactive contact with ACU so one of our staff can answer questions on the day.

Download the ACU Open Day app from the App Store or Google Play, and join the conversation on social media on Facebook, @ACUMedia on Twitter, @acuimages on Instagram, and using #ACUOpenDay.

Travel tips

You can travel to our North Sydney Campus Open Day by car, bus, or bike – check out our transport tips.

Planning to take the train?

Due to track work, the trains aren’t running to North Sydney train station on Open Day. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’re running free shuttle buses from Wynyard station, and we’ll have ACU ambassadors present at the Epping and Wynyard stations to help you with any questions.

Want to take a different route? Plan your trip with Sydney Buses.

To plan Open Day and to discover more about courses, student life, accommodation and international study opportunities, visit

Upcoming Open Days

North Sydney: Saturday 3 September, 8.30am-2.30pm

Strathfield: Saturday 10 September, 8.30am-2.30pm