How to choose your uni subjects

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to choose your university subjects

Get the best advice on choosing your uni subjects

So you’ve accepted your offer… now it’s time to choose your subjects.  Actually at ACU you aren’t considered to have accepted your offer until you have enrolled in subject units. Detailed info on how to do this can be found here. To help decide which subjects to take check out our top tips below:

1. Consult the ACU course guide (answers lie within)

First things first – read the ACU course guide. This tells you which compulsory subjects you need to complete as part of your degree and which elective subjects you can choose yourself. Some courses are mostly compulsory subjects, while others are more flexible and let you to explore your interests and choose electives. In highly regulated areas, such as nursing, subjects are completed to meet industry and government requirements. This means that you may not have much flexibility in choosing what you want to study.

2. Go with your interests

Depending on your course structure – which you will know of because you have read the course guide – you can usually achieve this through electives. The choices are usually units in your faculty, but some courses allow you to choose electives from other ACU faculties. Use these subjects as a way of exploring new things and expanding your interests.

3. Choose subjects wisely

Choose subjects that will pique your interest and keep you motivated, or that offer skills that will help with your career. Don’t opt out of a subject because the timing doesn't suit your schedule or take a subject just because you’ve heard it’s an easy pass.

4. Take prerequisites into consideration

Many subjects can't be taken without completing other subjects first. This probably won’t apply in your very first semester but you should look ahead a few semesters to check if  subjects you want to complete in the future have any prerequisites. It's a good idea to contact a course adviser if you have any questions or issues.

ACU offers course information sessions so make sure you check out the website and find out when they are happening on your campus.